A Business For The People Wins The People

Nowadays, reputation matters more to a business than ever before. Businesses get more scrutiny when under the public gaze and people spend more time looking into the practices of individual companies. Even with all the reputation management in the world, there’s nothing to stop the average internet user from finding out about your business. So, besides the value of what the business actually offers, you should think about ensuring people like what they see when they look into your company. To that end, you should think about putting your best foot forward and getting involved in some corporate social responsibility.

The people

Besides selling goods and services to people, the greatest connection a business has to the community around it is as an employer. By treating employees fairly and ethically, by providing fair salaries, by caring about the rights and needs of their own staff, a business can demonstrate a positive relationship with the community around it. This doesn’t just create a business of people more engaged and motivated to work. It has real impact on the brand, as well. It’s not a coincidence that companies like Netflix and Google have a long-lasting public image of good will, even when some of the business practices raise an eyebrow. On the other hand, companies like Ryanair and Amazon show how bad treatment of employees can consistently hurt a business’s brand.

The environment

The current public obsession with all things environmentally friendly isn’t going away. Even as the political landscape in some countries change, people and laws alike are getting further geared towards greater efforts to protect the environment. As a business, not only is it a legal requirement that you work to reduce your contribution to contaminated land and environmental pollution in general. Going green with the business can be a profitable exercise, as well. Energy efficiency can obviously save you some of your overhead costs, but sustainable practices can even convince the average consumer to pay more. In recent studies, almost three-quarters of individuals around the ages of 20-34 admit to being willing to pay more for ecologically friendly goods. As the green bug spreads, that fraction might continue to keep growing too.

The platform

One of the most publicly effective ways of demonstrating your corporate social responsibility is to team with efforts already being recognized by the community and providing what you can to help them. Picking a charity for the business to support, for instance, whether it’s running a funding campaign for them or donating directly, shows that business is putting its money where its mouth is. A business has more to offer charitable organisations than just money, too. They have their platform to offer. They have the reach of their products and marketing materials. Collaborating with charities through social media, through the press, and through promotional efforts shows a business’s genuine support of those solving society’s issues.

With a lot, more freedom on the market, consumers are free to choose businesses not only based on what they provide but the values they display. If you want to win over your target market, show them you’re a business worth supporting.

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