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Aluminum Consumption Increasing With significant Rate

Aluminum is one of the precious metals that have been used in the manufacturing and construction processes. There has been a significant increase in the usage of it because of its extensive applicability in different places like in the manufacturing of household tools, construction essentials like aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum windows, doors and other accessories. But during the recent year it has been noticed that the usage of aluminum has increased at the commercial and domestic level and the reason is its immense capabilities to cope up the dreary weather conditions easily, thus giving steel and Iron a tough time in the places where the strength of metal is not quite important. Aluminum is light weight and rust retardant a reason where it fits in nicely for the construction purposes rather easily.

Recent stats from EAA Europe claims 50.21 thousand million tons of Aluminum is expected to be consumed by the end of year 2013 in which the consumption in China has been dominant hitting the mark of about 23,000 million tons, comparing the consumption from 2012 which was 45.1 thousand million tons there is a significant increase by 11% worldwide.

aluminium consumption

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