10 Reasons Why Hiring Office Furniture Is Great For Business

A stylish and comfortable office space is essential for a number of reasons. Your office can say a lot about you and how you treat your business and your customers. When first impressions are everything, you can’t afford for your office furniture or decor to put potential clients off or send them running to your competitors. Comfort is also a very important factor, and can play a critical role in staff morale and productivity as well as reducing work related injuries and illnesses.

The only problem with good quality, good looking office furniture is the cost. Investing in quality furniture can really take a chunk out of your capital expenditure for the year. The good news is that there is an alternative. It’s flexible, cost effective, tax deductible and presents a strong and impressive image.

Here are 10 great reasons why hiring office furniture is great for any business, whether you are starting out or replacing existing furniture:

  1. Total Flexibility Over Your Furnishings

One of the only things that is truly constant in business is change. Staff come and go, projects start and finish and departments may decrease or increase in size. Such changes also dictate how much furniture you will need, and this can make purchasing furniture a logistical nightmare. Hiring office furniture takes away the uncertainty and the risk of overspending or under-ordering. When you hire office furniture, you have the flexibility to order what you need when you need it and for the duration of your choosing. And the best bit? The longer you hire, the cheaper your monthly payments become.

  1. Ready When You Are

When you hire your office furniture, you can often arrange delivery fast, and most companies offer delivery on the same day. That’s great if you’ve just hired more staff in an emergency or have taken on staff from another office. Simply pick up the phone or order online, and your furniture will be delivered to your office, wrapped in protective packaging and ready to be unpacked and put into position.

  1. Boost Your Cash Flow

There is no need to spend precious capital on furniture anymore. Because hiring is seen as an operating expense, you no longer need to sink critical capital into office furniture purchases. All the smart businesses are starting to see the many merits of hiring over purchasing outright and making smaller, manageable monthly payments.

  1. Grow Your Green Credentials

If you’re looking to boost your environmental status, hiring is a great choice. You’ll instantly reduce your waste, and minimise your impact on landfill. Customers love to see you are doing your bit for the planet!

  1. Hiring Brings Some Great Tax Breaks Too!

Did you know that hiring office furniture is totally tax deductible? Because most hire companies charge for furniture hire on a monthly basis, it is seen as an operating expense.

  1. Save Space, Time & Money

Old cumbersome desks taking up more space than they need to? Filing cabinets that are not only relics, but which could cause injuries from sharp corners or temperamental drawers? With the many modular office furniture items that are available now, you can streamline your office and save time and money on repairs. Any problems you experience with your hire furniture will be taken care of by your hire company at no extra cost to you. It’s the perfect win-win!

  1. Hire Furniture Gives A Great First Impression

Image is everything in business. With a wide range of modern, classic and most importantly, stylish furniture options at your fingertips, you can transform your office overnight. From desks and chairs to storage and boardroom furniture, it’s never been easier to revamp your office space.

  1. Add Furniture Hire To Your Disaster Recovery Programme

Most companies have adopted a disaster recovery programme to ensure they can keep operational in the event of fire, flood or a large scale relocation. Furniture can be delivered where you need it when you need it so that your business never misses a beat due to circumstances outside of your control.

  1. Furniture Hire Is Recession Proof

Anything can happen in business and you can never truly be certain what the future holds. Sometimes, a company needs to move fast to survive. You may need to reduce expenses dramatically or downsize your teams. Either way, furniture hire can save you money and help you to stay afloat by saving your capital expenditure.

  1. High Standards Guaranteed

Furniture hire companies take great care to ensure the furniture they deliver is of the highest quality and suited to your exact needs. Whether you are looking to revamp your entire office, need event or conference furniture in a hurry, or you have a corporate event on the horizon, you can hire all the furniture you need at the touch of a button.


This article was provided by www.furniturehireuk.com.

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