10 Ways To Make Business Events More Entertaining

Any and all business owners will attend and host corporate events, and they have a reputation for being less than entertaining. However, it’s time to change that. Having a more engaging event could be what your business needs to foster positive relationships with clients and peers alike.

So, if your next event is just around the corner, fear not. Consider this your one-stop guide on how to make that event more engaging, fun and entertaining. A positive atmosphere will hold people’s attention more than a negative one, so strive for the former.

  1. Location is everything. Imagine if the event was in a dark, dreary part of town on a winter’s day. It doesn’t exactly scream ‘engaging.’ So, host it in the summertime, and pick a location that’s associated with fun and laughter. Even a venue that’s usually used for parties would be good.
  1. A buffet! Look, people like food. Just because it’s a business event, that doesn’t mean you can’t lay down some snacks. In fact, since people get angry and stressed when they don’t eat, this is probably the best thing you could do.
  1. Provide some actual entertainment. Think magicians, comedians, singers, actors or animal charmers. A provider like Contraband Events can offer you a range of famous singers and entertainers you could put to good use. Maybe your event needs a performer to truly come alive!
  1. Make it a social event. Use Twitter hashtags, Facebook and Instagram to let everyone know it’s about to go down. This can up the prestigious factor, and make people feel more happy to actually be there in the first place.
  1. Invite the press. The people who are attending your event will want exposure. Business owners love talking to the press and beefing up their credibility. If there’s a chance for free marketing, your guests will try their best to stay happy and entertained. After all, being snapped looking gloomy at a corporate event isn’t a good public image.
  1. Get a professional speaker. As good as your pipes are, there is someone who can do it better than you. So, enlist the help of a professional speaker to do that job for you. They’ll be able to hold the audience far better than anyone else could.
  1. Let people expect to be entertained. The lead up to the event is everything. If you drum it up to be fun and entertaining, then your guests will be in this mindset when they arrive. You haven’t actually done anything except adjust their expectations too.
  1. Engage with the audience. Go around the event and talk to different people. Make them feel included, and interesting. If you do end up giving a speech, don’t talk in a monotone voice for ten minutes. Ask the audience questions, and interact with them. Make them feel like you want them there.
  1. Let your guests entertain themselves. You could hold a mini talent competition, where the audience can get up on stage and show off their skills. Or, you could introduce people to other people they are likely to get along with. This means they’ll be happily talking away, and a load will be lifted off your shoulders. They’ll build their own chemistry, and your job will be done.

10. Have a positive attitude. If you look all happy and smiley and positive, this will rub off on your guests. Hopefully. It can’t hurt to try, right? After all, you’re the host. If you aren’t in good spirits, how can everyone else be?

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