11 UK Based Online Business Ideas For 2013

Online business is something that nearly everyone is interested these days and can be a great way to make a lot of money. Online business has boomed in recent years and a lot of people I know spend a lot of time searching for new ideas to start making money. The truth is, you do not actually need a brand new idea that no-one had ever heard of. All you need is a good idea that you are going to stick to and work on to make money. I often see a lot of people decide they are going to make money online and then give up after two weeks because they have not made any money.

Making money online is not going to happen over night and it took me several months before I ever made any money online and now I make money everyday which just shows that as long as you stick at an idea then you are going to be able to achieve success and make money online.


Over the last few years blogging has become probably the most popular way to make money online. Simply because blogging can be enjoyable and easy to make money. Furthermore blogging is also cheap to start-up and relatively risk free as all you need to buy is your web hosting and a premium WordPress theme and these days you can get fully set-up for under £100.

Blogging is how I make money online and for me I have found it an enjoyable experience which has taught me a lot. I did not make money blogging for at least 6 months and at the beginning I made a lot of mistakes and often wrote a lot of short posts instead of concentrating on longer and better quality posts. However I have now reached a point where I have to do very little and still make a regular income online.

Web Design

There is generally less money in designing websites these days as it has become easier for people to create their own website using stuff such as a WordPress theme. However you could still do web design my creating and selling WordPress and other CMS themes. There can be a lot of money in this if you can create a good theme and you only have to create the theme once and it can be sold unlimited times.

Website Flipping

Flipping websites involves buying websites and them improving stuff my methods such as increasing traffic, before selling them on for a profit. If you have experience in running websites then this could be a good money-maker for you. As well as knowing what to do with these websites it is also important to know how to get a bargain and find the best places to sell for a profit.

Online Coaching

People are always looking for coaching from experts to help them. Coaching can be done in a load of different industries including how to create websites and fitness. You could provide coaching online for very low-cost as all you will need is fast internet and a webcam and you can often charge a high price for your experience.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks such as Twitter,Instagram and Facebook are big places for business these days and are the perfect place to build an online presence and promote a business online for free. If you are an expert in tweeting or communicating with others online then you could start a social media marketing business. Social media marketing involves taking care of social network accounts for businesses and socialising with customers.

SEO Services

Search engine optimisation is becoming more important for businesses all of the time as they spend a lot of money to keep their first page rankings on Google. With all the latest updates from Google it has become a lot harder for businesses to rank high and a lot of them will spend a lot of money on SEO. If you know what you are talking about with search engine optimisation and keep up to date with the latest trends then this could be a good business idea for you.

Online Reputation Management

ORM is a fairly new term that as businesses have started to pay more attention to online reviews and what people are saying about them on social networks. If you know where to find people’s opinions online  and know how to help businesses know what people are saying about them then you could work well in ORM.

eBook Writing

If you already have some sort of following or reputation online then writing an eBook could be a profitable venture. If you have a story to share or you can educate people then you could write and sell an eBook. To do this successfully though you are going to need good writing skills, an online following and some online promotion, but done write eBooks can often sell a lot of copies at the right price.

Membership Sites

membership websites involve charing a monthly fee for members to be part of an exclusive website and get access to exclusive content and often works well in niches such as fitness and making money online. You could create some new content every month that members get access to and also have a members only forum.

Virtual Assistant

Small businesses often need assistants to carry out tasks for them but do not have the money to pay a full-time assistant to work in the office. By working as a virtual assistant you can work from home for multiple businesses at once.

Start an online store

Online stores have exploded in recent years and there is still a lot of money to be made online. I often see niche online stores doing the best so if there is not a good online store in your niche then why not start one ? niches could include pets, or health and fitness. These days an online store can be started and run for relatively cheap and can be done in your spare time at first.

It is worth spending time finding a good supplier from the start who you can trust to deliver on time and at a good price so that you can make maximum profit.

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