12 Of The Best New Business Ideas 2014

Small business is going to be a growing trend in 2014. There is going to be a lot of new businesses popping up from everywhere. If you are looking to start a new business then 2014 could be the year for you to do it in. There are many growing industries, including digital content which means new opportunities for entrepreneurs to make money and start a successful business.

If you are looking for new business ideas in 2014 then remember that a successful business is not going to happen overnight. To run a successful business it takes time and hard work. online businesses are generally less risky to start and make a great first business venture.  Take a look below at our list of the best business ideas for 2014.

Online Business ideas

Online business is expanding all of the time. Here are some great online business ideas.

Setup an eCommerce store

The amount of people doing online shopping is increasing all the time. For customers, they can benefit from a wider choice of stores and products, as well as cheaper prices. For this reason more people are taking advantage of online shopping. As a business, an online store is a lot safer than a regular store and all you need to get started is a website. If you have products that are in demand and at the right prices then customers are going to want them. Another crucial part of an eCommerce store is choosing a secure payment gateway such as PayPal.


Blogging is often considered the most popular way to make money online, with huge numbers of people trying to create a successful blog. However creating a successful blog will mean not focusing on making money and instead,  building up a great blog which attracts readers. Successful blogging will take a long time to learn and is more of a long-term business/hobby rather than a quick way to make money. however a successful blog can make thousands by selling advertising space once it has been built up.

Social media marketing

Social media is used by most businesses online these days and gives businesses a chance to promote their products and find new customers online.  However a lot of businesses do not have the social media skills required and do not want to take on extra staff to manage this. Instead, they choose to use freelance social media marketers who are able to manage their social media accounts for them. As a social media marketer you need to play an active role in the constant monitoring of the businesses social media accounts and carry out roles such as posting new content and replying to customers.

Part-time Business ideas

for parents and students, a part-time business is a great way to start making money whilst not being able to work full-time.

Sell on marketplaces

Online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay allow you to sell products online without the need to manage a website. Selling on these websites has the benefit of instant traffic and a great business reputation. As you do  not ned to actually manage a website, you can do this as a part-time business and it can be run from home.

Sell photography

If you have some spare time on your hands and you are good with a camera then selling stock photography can be  great way to earn some extra cash. Stock photos are always in demand by web designers and can often be very profitable. To actually sell your photos you will want to upload them to a stock photography website where they are visible for potential customers to see. The benefit of selling stock photography is that there is no regular costs involved for you as once you have taken the photos, you have produced the content to sell.

Home based Business ideas

Running a business from home is becoming a growing trend due to ease of setting up and low startup costs.

Freelance writer

Writing is always in need online, from blogging to content writing there is always a need. If you are good at writing and you are able to meet tight deadlines then running a freelance writing business from home could be a great idea. Starting out as a freelance writer can often be difficult as you look to build up a client base and therefore you should startup by charging lower prices.

Graphic design

Graphic design has been a popular online business idea for a long-time now but there is always going to be a need for graphic designers. If you have an impressive portfolio of your work then you can often charge a substantial price for work that you can complete from home. To be a successful graphic designer you will need to be able to produce graphics for a variety of media including websites and offline work.


Online training

The online training industry has been growing for a while now as people turn to the internet to learn new skills.A lot of people are now willing to pay for these services and if you have a skill that you can teach people then you could do this from your own home using a tool such as Skype. Popular online training courses include learning how to code and also fitness training.

Other Business ideas

There are lots of other businesses that you could start in 2014 including some of the following.

Corporate video production

corporate videos are the latest choice of media for businesses that are looking to promote themselves online.  Corporate videos often give a look inside the business and what services they offer. If you have the equipment to record and edit these videos then this business idea could be very profitable. You could provide this service locally or could end up travelling to clients business locations.

WordPress development

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System used on the web today and powers millions of websites across the world. T here is always a need for new themes and plugins to be used in WordPress and if you can produce these then this could potentially be very profitable. As this is digital content, once you have produced the content all the costs have been covered and you can go on to profit from every sale.

Mobile application development

Developing mobile applications has been a successful business idea for a few years now after many people saw the success of Angry Birds. Developing successful applications for mobile devices can lead to big profits. A common way to make money with a mobile application is to create a free to download application that allows for add-ons to be purchased.

Customised gifts

customised gifts is a popular business idea as people look to purchase gifts that are personal.  There are many gifts that could be personalised from phone cases to chocolates. If you are talented with crafts are a looking to make some extra cash then producing personalised gifts could be a great way to do this.

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