13 Tips For A Clean, Tidy and Inspirational Office Space

13 Tips For A Clean, Tidy and Inspirational Office Space

Although you may not like to think about it, your office is one of the rooms where you’re going to spend most of your working life. Whether you work from a home office or head out to work each day, most people will be spending at least 40 hours a week at a desk.

Because of this, it’s important to make your office a place you want to work. If you dislike the environment you’re in it is likely you’re going to be unmotivated, meaning the work you produce won’t be up to standard. Your office space should be clean, organised and a place that inspires you.

So, with that in mind, here are 13 tips for a clean, tidy and inspirational office space:

Invest In Some Decent Storage For Lose Items

Investing in some decent storage is a great idea for those who have lots of little loose items. Whether it’s a million and one different coloured pens, rose gold paper clips or props for Instagram photos – keeping everything organised and in a designated space is a great way to ensure your office is always kept clean. Storage isn’t expensive and comes in lots of different varieties, meaning there’s something to suit every single office, no matter the design.

Install Shelving Units For Folders And Papers

If you have lots of folders and important papers lying about, it may be worth purchasing some shelving or units where you can neatly store things away. Whilst it may be handy having them on your desk, it often means things get lost or misplaced.

Redecorate So You’re Working In A Space You Love

If you want an office that inspires you, you have to make sure it’s a space you WANT to be in. Putting some time and money into redecorating (whether it’s at home or the office) is a great way to ensure your office space is exactly how you want it to be. If you don’t have control over interiors at work, trying getting a group of you together to speak to the person responsible for renovations. You never know what they may say yes to!

Use A Desk Tidy For Your Day To Day Things

If you have things you use every day lying around on your desk, it’s likely you’ll end up creating a mess and not knowing where everything is. A desk tidy in an inexpensive way to keep everything you need on a day to day basis in one place.

Only Use Your Office For Work (And Not As A Storage Space)

Separating your office from your leisure space, especially if you work from home, is incredibly important if you want to maintain a great work-life balance.

Clean Your Office Space At The End Of Each Working Day

Whether you work from home or from a local office space, ensuring you tidy up at the end of each day is important. Clearing away rubbish, emptying your trash can and giving your desk a quick wipe over will make the world of difference if you do it every night.

Have A Deeper Clean Once A Week

Although you’re likely to be cleaning at the end of each night, having a deeper clean once a week will help you keep on top of things. Whether that means cleaning the floors, wiping down every surface or getting rid of any unwanted papers – a tidy office will make for a tidy mind.

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Create A Space For Everything To Help You Stay Organised

Knowing where everything is will help you feel incredibly organised. Although it may seem as though it is unnecessary, putting everything in a specific place will mean you waste no time worrying about where important documents and papers have been stored – giving you more time to focus on your work.

Give Your Office Some Life With Lots Of House Plants Dotted Around

Plants are known to boost your mood so dotting a few around your office is a great way to help bring your space to life. Having something to nurture and look after is often a release from your day to day duties, giving you a chance to break from looking at your screen for 8 hours a day. If you’re feeling brave why not consider getting a mini life garden? These are designed to be a welcome distraction from work, as you have to help and nurture them to grow every day.

Avoid Eating At Your Desk

Not only does eating at your desk mean you’re likely to be staring at your computer all day, but it also means your office space will get messy quickly. If possible, try eating in a kitchen or common area.

Do you love a clean and tidy office space? Have we missed any tips? Let us know in the comment section below.

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