15 Of The Best New Business Ideas 2013

This year has been an important year for business and there have been a load of new businesses popping up all of the time. With a lot of people loosing jobs at large businesses, more people are looking to start there own small business and this will become an even bigger trend in 2013. With technology advancing at such a fast pace these days there is the perfect opportunity to set-up an online business that you can manage from your home without the cost of an office.

When I first started my online business one of the tools I found useful was The Online business Success Course and I would recommend checking it out before starting your own online business. Making money online online is all about learning  from other people and their information and  The Online Business Success Course has some useful and informative interviews with some of the worlds best internet marketers that I personally believe helped me when first starting out online.

In this post i am going to list some of the best new business ideas to start in 2013 and give a brief description of each one of them.


Blogging is an ever growing trend all of the time and there is still some good money to be made in blogging. Once you have a large enough audience you can start serving advertisements on your blog and offer sponsored posting opportunities. However blogging is going to take a lot of work on your behalf and you will not make money straight away.

Social media consultant

Social networks such as Facebook Twitter are becoming key for nearly all businesses online these days and a lot of businesses will hire a professional to take care of all their social networking needs. You can do this from home and it is inexpensive so start up.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is becoming more important than advertising for businesses online these days with businesses spending more money on optimizing their websites to get the highest search engine rankings possible. If you can keep up to date with how to search engine optimize a website best and you know what you are doing then you could quite easily set up a search engine optimization business from your laptop.


With the up rising of eBooks these days anyone can write a book and get it published online. If you have an interest for writing or you are knowledgeable in a particular niche then you could write an eBook and sell it online. You can sell it on your own website or submit it to online book stores such as the Kindle store.

Mobile application development

Mobile applications have become available on all smart-phones now and are used by millions of people each day. There is also a lot of money that can be made with these. You can sell your app at a premium price and get paid every time someone downloads it. However you will need some programming skills and a unique idea.

Video production

The need for video production has really grown in the last few years as businesses realize the potential of video advertising and is a business idea that i have been looking into. Creating viral videos for businesses can make you a nice profit or even just creating viral YouTube videos and becoming a YouTube partner can make you a lot of money. You will need a camera and video editing skills though for this.

Web design

Every business needs a website if they are operating online these days and someone is going to have to create their website. If you are good at graphic design and know how to create a website then you may want to try designing websites for profit. However there is not as much money to be made in web design anymore as websites are becoming easier to make and there are a huge amount of competition.

Computer training

Training employees on how to use a computer or a particular program is becoming more important to businesses as they want to create a more efficient workforce and get jobs done faster. You could host training courses both online and offline.

Computer repairs

There are billions of computers in use today and with them becoming more advance all of the time there are more parts inside of them which could break. Fixing computers in your local area could be a rewarding business that is not too hard to start.

WordPress plugin and theme development

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms available to use today and there is a huge market for premium plug-ins and themes that get the results people want and there are dedicated marketplaces set-up to sell these on. You will need programming skills and to come up with some good ideas and designs but this is a type of passive income that could just be a second job for you.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting allows people to access their data from wherever they are and from different devices which means that businesses can be managed on the move. Businesses will be looking for cloud hosting companies that they can trust with their data.

Business advice

Sometimes people starting up a new business are just looking for some advice and someone to talk to and discuss what they are going to do next. If you are experienced in starting up businesses then you could start offering your advice. You could set up a website for fairly cheap and then operate from anywhere.

Creative marketing

Businesses are always looking for new ways to advertise their products and stay a-head of the competition. Creative marketing is about coming up and putting together new ways for your business client to market their products and services and can be an exciting and rewarding job.

Online advertisement agency

Advertising online is still big business and it found throughout blogs and free services online such as YouTube. There is a lot of money to be made in advertising as businesses often have a large budget to spend on advertising and if you can negotiate a good rate with publishers then you make a lot of money from clients.

Sell products online

Most people now do a lot of shopping on the Internet because it is convenient and they can get goods for cheaper. Starting your own online store can be a full time job as you will need to advertise and post out deliveries.  You could also make your own products to sell online and personalised products sell well online.

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