3 Things Every Startup – and Most Businesses! – Should Outsource

3 Things Every Startup – and Most Businesses! – Should Outsource

When you are starting a new business, you have enough on your plate without trying to handle all the necessary functions that operate on the periphery. HR, accounting and IT are all necessary to support your business but do you really have the time or experience to manage it properly?

More and more businesses are now specializing in just one aspect of business. This is great for startups looking to get going but is also a brilliant way to bring businesses together. Even if you eventually bring these services in-house, the network you will inevitably build in outsourcing at the beginning could well be invaluable.


Human resources is a vital part of any functioning business. While some small businesses might like to allocate an HR person from within the team, often outsourcing is a more sensible solution. Not only will you save time, but you will also get access to specialist knowledge and often be able to use software for the majority of HR issues you come across. Plus, you aren’t risking any costly mistakes made by a colleague simply doing their best in a role they don’t usually perform.

HR can be a delicate business so leaving issues to professionals is a good idea. Another good reason to outsource is that if you are working in a small team, having someone to talk to who isn’t a part of the company may make smoothing any problems over a lot easier.


There is an excellent reason that there are so many accountants around: they are ridiculously useful. From outsourced payroll to working out tax, having a good accountant is a pragmatic solution. They won’t just keep you out of trouble, they will also ensure that you are paying the correct amounts and show up any glaring issues.

Not all business owners are good at working with money so having the support of an accountant is vital. A good accountancy company will also be able to put you in touch with similar businesses in their network, bringing you a further wealth of social connections.


Choosing what to outsource shouldn’t be about palming off things you don’t want to do, but getting professionals in to ensure that you get the highest quality possible. IT should certainly fall at the top of this list.

Almost every company now requires IT in some form and it is at the heart of modern business. Everything from having a website to lure customers into having a system your employees can use to work, IT is everywhere!

Outsourcing your IT is the best way to get an experienced team to build everything you need. Finding an IT company that can offer you 24/7 support as well is definitely something you should consider – especially if you aren’t particularly IT-inclined yourself.

Startups should always be focused on developing their own business ideas rather than trying to balance all the different functions a business requires. Outsourcing is the best way to get everything you need on a tight budget without sacrificing the quality of the work.

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