3 Tips for choosing the right software development company

Nowadays there are tons of software development companies who compete between each other for the right to create your next mobile app. But, what should you know to ensure that the company you choose will build your app on time and on budget?

Software development companies, like any other businesses, are as good as its people are. The best development companies are able to attract the most skilled engineers, and get rid of the mediocre ones.

A good software engineer should possess a wide range of skills. According to Tom Parks, the CTO of software development company Magora, “Any good mobile application development company should be trying to employ not only the most skilled software engineers, but also experienced UX/UI designers, business analysts, project managers, QAs etc.. By having in a team experts with diverse set of skills, they’ll be able to create exceptional tech products no matter whether it is Android, iOS or Windows Phone”.

Of course there is no way you can check the skills of every single employee within a company, but there are some important things you can pay attention to while selecting the application development company for your next mobile app.

  1. Ask for the published applications

Before you actually sign a contract with a software development company, ask them to provide you with some apps that you can actually test. Spend couple of days researching about this company and actually download and test the apps they’ve made. This will give you an understanding of the app quality, you will going to have if you choose to work with them. Always remember, you are not going to purchase an expensive car without a test drive, then why should you invest your hard earned dollars in a company which products you’ve never tested?

  1.  Talk to their previous customers

It is very important to ask the software development companies for their customers’ contact information. Don’t be lazy and spend couple of hours actually giving a call or sending them emails. Make sure these clients can confirm that this company coded the application the way they wanted. Also, most of the time companies will provide you with a list of happy customers. Nobody is perfect, so if you’re eager to hear all opinions about the company’s services, browse its LinkedIn page and read reviews on independent review websites.

  1. Check how agile and transparent the company is

This is very important as business and its requirements change with a speed of light. Ask how fast the company responses to the requests, adjusts to new requirements and solves the issues. Also, ask how often they will update you on the project status and how transparent they are in their communication. Because if something goes wrong, you might want to be aware of it.

When you hire an external development company to build your app, everything can happen. There is no universal pill that will save your project from the missed deadlines, disappointments and sometimes exceeded budgets. But, you still need to choose carefully your development company to minimize the risks.

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