3 Ways To Assure A Great Corporate Event

Corporate events can be a fantastic way to make valuable contacts, attract investors, and generally solidify your brand identity in the minds of everyone who attends. However, they can also be spectacular wastes of money, and totally ruined by poor planning, irksome delays and silly little mistakes. Obviously, you want your corporate event to be a resounding success, so here are a few tips on making it stand out from the rest.

Electronic Registration

If you’ve ever arrived at a corporate event and had to join the back of a long queue to sign in, then you’ll know how frustrating the experience can be. Once you finally get to the front, you may experience even more delays as the lists are checked for your booking and the receptionist fishes out your badge. This is an irritating and time-consuming task for both the organisers and the guests, and can even delay the start of the event in some cases. To ensure no one starts on the wrong foot, make sure you’re using electronic registration. This is a quick and smooth alternative to the lengthy registration process, where your guests will arrive and sign in using tablets or information point consoles. Provided there are no freak glitches, this will be a great way to start everyone’s experience.


While they may have other things on their mind, the level of comfort you provide for your attendees is going to have a pretty profound impact on what everyone thinks of your corporate event. Make sure everything from your catering to your portable toilet hire is well-planned and of the highest standards you can realistically afford. Another important thing to consider is social seating. Seating should never be left to chance when it comes to corporate events. There are now many seating apps out there which you can use to set places based on people’s existing connections. This will make everyone’s overall networking experience so much smoother. Well-planned seating is something that your guests won’t consciously recognise, true. However, when their networking experience runs so smoothly, they’ll come away feeling that the whole event was a success.

Live Slide Sharing

This is another technological feature which will make your event a little more memorable, and show that you’re serious about your networking efforts and stimulating growth at your business. With live slide sharing, you’ll be able to share the slides being showed by your speaker to the tablets and smartphones of your attendees. With the slides pasted onto a second screen right in their laps, you’ll be able to hold people’s attention better, and the information you’re sharing will be available to people at any time of the event. For the people who are just there on orders from their boss, this will make the whole education experience that much more enjoyable and memorable.

If you were worried about the success of your corporate event, or you wanted to steer clear of a past failure, I hope this post made organising the whole thing much easier.

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