3 winning employee mentoring tactics

3 winning employee mentoring tactics

Mentoring your employees can have several benefits for both small and large businesses. Not only is a well-trained member of staff a valuable asset to a company, but by showing an interest in the growth of your employees, your staff are far more likely to be loyal to your business. Mentoring is designed to be a long process, but that does not mean it has to be complicated or tiresome. So, what can your business do to ensure its mentoring scheme is a success? Let’s discover 3 winning employee tactics that can make the process more likely to be enjoyable and a success.

Introduce your employees to a mentor during the onboarding process

For a new recruit, the onboarding process can seem daunting. Nonetheless, for any employee knowing that there is someone within the company they can count on to ask any questions or raise concerns can be incredibly reassuring. Well structured onboarding programs help your business to make the right impression to a new employee from the onset, so including a mentor into this package as a point of call is strongly recommended.

Any employees who are chosen to become mentors should be knowledgeable about the company and fully integrated into the organisation. Duties can include leading any initial talks, providing feedback on work completed, and introducing the mentee to other members of staff. Access to a mentor during the onboard process can have a huge impact on maximising employee engagement and increasing retention rates, so it is advisable to establish this relationship as soon as possible.

Embrace mentoring software

HR practices and strategies have come a long way in recent years. Although it is tempting to think that only new recruits can benefit from mentoring, there are times when even senior members of staff can benefit from finding new ways to manage areas of the business. For example, Together is an HR platform that allows businesses to benefit from revolutionary mentoring software.

Mentoring has several benefits for both mentors and mentees, but some businesses worry that implementing such a strategy could prove to be expensive and time consuming. However, thanks to mentoring software such as Together, your HR department can schedule regular mentoring sessions with ease. Mentoring is an excellent approach to creating an aspirational environment for employees at various levels of a company, so take advantage of some of the amazing technology out there that has been designed with your business needs in mind.

Build a genuine connection

Mentors should aim to make their mentee feel as comfortable as possible. Additionally, in a mentoring relationship, both parties should feel respected and understood in order to foster a strong bond. Meeting a mentor for the first time can be nerve wracking, so from the very first meeting, mentors should be warm, friendly, and patient and ask open ended questions to strike up natural and casual conversations.

Recognizing an employee’s strengths is also the key to ensuring mentoring is a success. Mentors should encourage mentees to build on their existing skills and pay close attention to ways of aligning activities their mentee enjoys with their roles in the workplace. Furthermore, the mentoring environment must be trusting, and mentees should feel confident sharing their goals and concerns so as to identify long term plans and measurable milestones.

Becoming a great mentor is all about sharing knowledge with a mentee in a mutually beneficial working relationship. Whether an employee is the new to the company or has been with the business for some time, opportunities to learn new skills should be encouraged and embraced. There are always valuable lessons to learn in the workplace and these can all benefit your business. Looking for even more ways to help your employees learn new skills? This blog post explains the benefits of business coaching.

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