4 Free ways to advertise your business online

Many businesses use their revenue to invest into advertising and marketing for the business to generate new sales and bring new customers and clients to the business. However when starting out a new business or if you are low on revenue then you may look for alternative ways to advertise your business.

Free advertising allows you to find new customers without the need to invest money into advertising to find new customers. In this post i am going to explain five free ways that you can advertise your business. Some of them may not appeal to all businesses but im sure you will be able to find some that you can use.

Social Media

In my opinion social media is the number one way to advertise your business online for free and often works better than some paid for solutions. A lot of businesses will pay a professional to manage their social media accounts for them but for a lot of businesses there is really no need as you can do the job yourself.

To start using social media yourself you just need to create a business Facebook and Twitter page. You can then start gaining some followers and begin to share your content with them. You may find it harder to get Facebook fans than Twitter followers at first. For this reason i like to use my website to advertise my social media accounts just as they  are advertising my website as visitors can keep up to date with new content that you share.

Website directories and forums

Believe it or not their is actually quite a lot of website directories where you can list your website for free. It usually only takes five minutes to list your website on one of these directories. I tend to find that i do not actually get a lot of traffic from doing this but what i like is that the link to my website means that my Page Rank and SEO is improved so it is worth spending time submitting your website.

As well as website directories you can also be active in forums of your businesses niche. Being active in forums means that you build up your reputation in your businesses niche and by putting a link to your website in your forum signature means that you can gain traffic as well.


Blogging is actually one of the best ways to get your business website noticed on the internet.By setting up a blog on your business website you are adding a load more content to you blog and search engines love this. You are going to get traffic by people searching for content matching your blog posts in search and you are also going to rank higher in searches for your business giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Furthermore if you are writing great content blog posts then people are going to share them, doing the advertising for you for free.

Run a competition

Running a competition can be one of the best ways to market your business for free. By running a competition and giving away your product or service for free then you are bound to draw a lot of attention to your business and find a large base of new customers that did not previously know about your business.

Running your competition online means that you can use your current website to run the competition from to bring a load more traffic to your website which will hopefully take the time to take a look around your website and view what products and services you are providing.


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