4 Reasons to buy an iPhone for business

The iPhone is one of Apples greatest products and the latest edition (iPhone 5) has raised the bar even more. The iPhone itself is one of the most popular phones on the market today; selling millions every year without fail. One of the reasons that they iPhone is so great is because of the applications available for users to download.

One big market for iPhone’s is business. I personally think that an iPhone is the best phone currently available for business and has all of the features i need to manage my blogs and websites right from my mobile without any trouble. In this post i am going to share four reasons that i think you should buy an iPhone for business.

Native emails on the move

The native email client on the iPhone is great. There is all the options you would expect from a desktop client which makes “Mail” great to use to send emails out on the go. I know that it can sometimes be annoying to be typing out long emails on the iPhone’s keyboard but if you use the landscape keyboard then it gets the job done fine without too much of a problem.

Now i know many of you will say that i could just download a third party app on another phone to get the job done but i love the integration of the Mail app for iPhone, its clean and easy to use. It also works great with notification centre which means i can get my emails with ease.

Social networking apps

For many small business owners social media is becoming a popular way to market products online and increase engagement with customers. The iPhone has applications for all your social networking needs including Facebook,Instagram and Twitter. This allows you to easily manage all your social networking accounts on the move and always keep your customers up to date.

Being able to manage you social networking on the move means that you can reply to people quicker, gain a bigger following and really grow your brand. Managing you social network accounts is easy on an iPhone and there is a lot of apps available that integrate both Twitter and Facebook into one so you can up date everyone at the same time.


Passbook is a great new feature that comes pre-loaded onto the iPhone. Passbook allows you to store you store cards,vouchers and flight tickets onto your iPhone and then be used by scanning the ticket from your phone screen. This app is a great way to save time and to make sure that you do not forget your tickets.

There is even a Starbucks app for Passbook so you can always treat yourself when taking a break from work. At the moment there are not a lot of places that you can use Passbook, however i think that soon we will see a lot of other businesses adopting Passbook in order to save paper and keep up with the times.

Accessories and other devices

For the iPhone there is a huge amount of accessories available;with everything from bulletproof covers to portable charging kits there is everything you could ever need. This gives it many advantage for business users to be able to boost productivity and get the most out of their phone whilst on the move.

Furthermore the iPhone also works great with a number of apples other devices such as the iPad and Mac’s. With iCloud you can easily sync your data across all of these devices so that it is always their when you need it. Having both an iPhone and a iPad means that you can enjoy a great user experience that you are familiar with and have all your data on both devices.


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