4 Reasons Why You Need A Bricks And Mortar Shop

With the rise of online shopping, many companies have decided to forgo a bricks and mortar shop for the benefits of low overheads. But this is not always the best sales strategy, read on for reasons why you need a bricks and mortar shop.

A Store Is The Flagship Of Your Brand

The first reason you need a bricks and mortar shop is that it acts as a flagship for your brand. It’s important to get the layout of your shop right. This is because the layout and shopping experience of your bricks and mortar shop sets the tone of your business as a whole. You’re shopping acts as a central hub for your brand, so it must make it easy for customers to browse your products. It also shows that you are a professional company and not a home business, just selling stuff on ebay. It’s also important that the design reflects your core business aims and values. To get the best shop interior, you should use professional retail designers. They will be able to convert your vision into something practical and profitable.

Instant Conversion Opportunities

A bricks and mortar shop is always an opportunity for an instant sale conversion. Think about how long people spend online browsing products comparing prices and specifications. In a bricks and mortar shop, your customer is much more likely to be looking for purchase to take home with them there and then. Even if they have come to browse,  seeing the product ‘in the flesh,’ can have a powerful effect on people. With effective sales staff, you can convert these browsers into sales.

The Shopping Experience

It’s easy to underestimate how much people enjoy the experience of shopping itself. If you go into any city or large town on the weekend, you will see hundreds of in the shopping centres.This means not everybody shops online, and people are still making an event of their weekend trip into town. People often combine it with a trip to the cinema or a meal out, and it becomes a recreational activity, not just the purchasing of necessities. If you can tap into this market, then you are providing another avenue to boost your sales. Remember too that not everybody likes to shop online. Many people are still concerned about the security aspect of this and would rather trust their money to a real person. People from all generations may be averse to using their PC for shopping.  By having a bricks and mortar shop you can offer your services to this demographic and so have the potential to convert more sales.

Not Website Dependent

One of the main benefits of having a real-life shop is that your sales are not dependent on your website. This is good because websites crash can have problems and can be hacked.  So even if your site goes down, you still have a viable income stream. Also depending on the money you spent on your website and the team you had to build it, it might not be very effective. There are lots businesses out there that have lots of hits but no conversions. This is often because of poor product descriptions, or a and nonuser-friendly site layout. At least if you have a bricks and mortar outlet as well,  you still have a revenue stream, while you fix these issues.

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