4 Ways Tej Kholi Found Success in Business

4 Ways Tej Kholi Found Success in Business

Tej Kholi stands out as one of the century’s greatest entrepreneurs. His success hasn’t come by accident. Kholi has taken a careful approach to exploring his interests and investments. Following in his footsteps doesn’t necessarily mean that you will become a recognised businessperson, but it could certainly help.

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#1: Tej Kholi Got Classroom and Real World Experience

After graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology with a degree in electrical engineering, Tej Kholi worked in the technology industry for five years. Working in the real world added to his understanding of how business operates.

As a student and entrepreneur, Kholi found that he needed to learn in the classroom and in the real world.

#2: Tej Kholi Took a Risk on New Technology

When Tej Kholi started his first business in 1993, few people had high-speed Internet access. Computers hadn’t become as essential to daily life and business as they are today. Despite that, Kholi saw that emerging technology had great potential. He decided to take a calculated risk by starting Grafix Softech, a company that offered marketing and design services to the growing number of businesses who wanted to start using the Internet to reach customers.

Grafix Softech continues to grow and change with developing technologies. The business currently provides payment processing services that help businesses get paid, track sales, and measure performance.

#3: Tej Kholi Has Diverse Interests

Tej Kholi has never been the type of entrepreneur who risks everything on a single bet. Instead, he spreads his investments out to take advantage of developing revenue streams and discover what new services people want.

This multifaceted approach is obvious in Grafix Softech. New entrepreneurs should notice that the company provided a range of services to clients. Kholi didn’t create Grafix Softech just to provide clients with online marketing services. It promised to solve a range of problems that businesses faced as they adapted to Internet technology.

Kholi also has investments in cosmetic surgery centers and Dubai real estate. Diversifying has protected him from potential financial loss as markets change.

#4: Tej Kholi Stays Open to New Opportunities

Business leaders need to understand that they can’t do everything on their own. Instead, they need to coordinate the talents of individual people working together.

Tej Kholi’s career has benefited from this approach to teamwork. Grafix Softech needs engineers, programmers, and other professionals to fill crucial roles.

Outside of Grafix Softech, Kholi has partnered with other individuals and businesses to explore opportunities in other industries. He couldn’t have had as much success buying, selling, and developing real estate in the Middle East without partners who had experience and insight into the field.

Interestingly, when Forbes named Kholi one of its top entrepreneurs who give back to their communities, it focused on the success of Ozone Real Estate, Kholi’s real estate business, rather than Grafix Softech.

What other factors do you think have made Kholi so successful? Do you know of other traits that give him and other entrepreneurs an advantage?

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