5 Businesses you can run from home

It is everyone’s dream to work from home, no need to be stuck in the traffic before work in the morning. In fact you do not even need to start in the morning if you do not want to. Working from home gives you the flexibility and freedom to work for yourself and without any of the trouble of working from an office.

There has never been a better time for you to work from home. With more people working part time you can easily set-up a business from home to for fill the earnings that you may not be making. For this reason i have came up with five businesses that you can easily set-up and run from home, they may not make you rich quick but you can easily make some good money right from your home.

Computer Repair

Computers are more popular than ever now and with more computers comes more problems. This is a great opportunity for people to take advantages of the faults that are occurring with peoples computers and fix them. You can get parts for fairly cheap online and a lot of the time they are simple to fix. You will need to decide what percent profit you want to take from each repair and how long you plan to spend on each job.

Starting a computer repair business will require some previous knowledge of repairing for computers. Just remember that the last thing you want to do is end up breaking someones computer and not being able to fix and as you will be left to foot the bill.

Web Design

This is one of the most  popular work from home jobs; in fact website design can actually become a very profitable business  There is not a lot of out going costs as it is really your services that you are selling. You can often make a lot of profit from each project with website design and the better your work is then the more you can charge. It might be best to start off cheap until you have built up your portfolio and then you can steadily increase your prices.

Web design is big competition at the moment so starting out at be hard at first until you have really established your self and this is something that you really have to consider.

Sell Online

You can sell basically anything online these days on places like eBay and Gumtree. For some of people selling their own products online can sometimes turn into a big business that can be run right from the comfort of your own home. If you have the money to buy in bulk then you can get some good deals on price and then make your profit by selling them on individually at the right price.

There are a lot of websites where you can sell your stuff online and a lot of them will take a percentage of your final sale price so this is something to bare in mind when selling in an online market place.


A lot of people seem to turn to blogging when looking for an easy way to make money online but many often soon find out that their is no easy way to make money blogging and you are not going to get rich quick. Instead you really need a passion for what you are going to blog about if you want to get anywhere with your blog as you will have to write a lot of articles to really get your blog noticed online.

However if you do actually put the work into blogging then you can actually make some good money it. There are a lot of ways to make money with a blog including affiliate marketing and selling advertisement slots. Another thing that you will need to learn to run a successful blog is how to use social media to promote your blog online.

Clothing label

In the last few months this has become rather popular online. If you have a taste for design then selling custom tees and other clothes could be a good idea for you. With the power of social networks such as Facebook these days many clothing brands have appeared from no where and used Facebook to drive sales and promote their clothing.

Once you have some designs drawn up then you can post them out from home and make a tidy profit whilst doing so.

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