5 Mistakes to Avoid When Comparing NBN Plans

Back in 2012, when NBN signed a deal with Telstra, people rejoiced that finally they would experience the high speed of NBN. Using the NBN roll out map, people could easily find out when they will be getting the broadband network in their area.

Since the broadband network offers a lot of plans, it can be hard to compare NBN deals. Each deal offers something different, such as high speed there, extra device connectivity, a lengthy contract, extra GBs, and much more. It can become quite difficult to pick one that suits your needs the best. On top of that, there are certain devices that cannot be connected directly with NBN’s network. For a number of devices to work together, you will need a modem. If trying to connect your old modem with NBN, then it needs to be VoIP.

The point of confusion is how you can compare the prices of NBN deals with your current household devices. Many people leave out certain costs and believe that what they are now getting is better than an NBN plan. Following are five mistakes that should be avoided when comparing these plans:

1.    Forgetting Line Rental

Most people forget to add in the phone rental cost when comparing NBN plans. There are several packages, one of which gives you internet access for broadband and phone. You can either get the broadband or the double deal. If you are willing to pay a separate fee, do make sure that it is under your budget and estimates around what you were paying for your previous broadband access.

2.    Not Acknowledging the Fact that Speed is Guaranteed in Fibre

Depending on the state and quality of copper wiring, it’s possible that you might not get what you opted for. Here, we are talking about other broadband networks. If by chance you do get the full speed, it won’t last long. In the case of NBN, the speed is guaranteed throughout, with full access.

3.    Not Understanding That There Are People Who Have Limited Choices

You might be happy with ADSL2+ but take a look around. Most people do not have that access, which makes it impossible for them to get the full benefit. Depending on where the lines were laid down, which you can know about through the NBN roll out map, make sure that that you fall in the geographic lottery.

4.    Forgetting About the Variations

The top 3 options offered by NBN include:

  1. Broadband
  2. Broadband + Phone
  3. Broadband + Phone + TV

These are just the services. Then, there are a variety of deals with different time limit, GB, speed, unlimited std. local calls, and much more.

5.    Not Realising Wholesale Broadband Doesn’t Work

A wholesale connection with Telstra has done nothing but set back the connectivity for months. Trying to buy a connection from rival companies will do nothing but disappoint you in both the connectivity and the time it takes for NBN to reach your house.

You can’t just wake-up and decide one day that you need an NBN plan. Consider all the other options that are available to you and then compare the prices to make sure that the plan you are thinking to buy gives you more benefits and that too at an affordable rate.

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