5 Quick SEO Tips For Your Small Business Website

The internet has rapidly become one of the best places for you business to be active on and a key place to find new business. All the time there are more businesses getting started online with the hope of huge traffic being driven towards their website; meaning that they will be able to be a head of their competition and make money with their website.

The problem is that most small business websites do not get a lot of traffic;which ultimately means no business online. The answer is because your website is not search engine optimized. For small business websites search engines are the best place to find targeted traffic and therefore customers for you website and by not search engine optimizing your website you are going to be missing out on potential customers. A lot of large companies who have a lot of competition online chose to pay to get their website search engine optimized but you do not need to with a small business as you are not going to have as much competition and a lot of small businesses to not have the money to spend on search engine optimization.Luckily, search engine optimizing your website is not exactly hard and by following these five quick tips you are going to be able to do it yourself.

If you are creating your own small business website then I would recommend using WordPress as that is what I use for all of my websites as it benefits from being great for SEO and also being easy to use, especially for beginners looking to create a good small business website. One plugin I do use when creating WordPress small business websites is SEO Localize as for me I find that it is one ofthe best plugins for high local search engine rankings.

A LOT of keyword rich page content

When search engines such as Google crawl you website for content they cannot see the design or images of whats is on the page and therefore how your website looks is not going to make your website ranking in search results. Instead, search engines just read the text that it on your page. For that reason search engines are going to love your website if it has a lot of pages and them pages have a lot of text on them that they can index.

As well as this the text that you are writing has to be keyword rich, and by that i mean it must have you keyword in throughout your text but you also want to make sure that you do not overuse your keyword as Google does not like this.

Backlinks are everything

When it comes to ranking high in search engines, links coming into your website are very important. The way search engines look at it is that the more links you have coming into your website; the better the reputation your websites has and the more important it is in your particular niche. There are a few ways to build links back to your website and commenting on blogs is one of them. However the best way to build links back to your website is to write guest posts on blogs in your niche as blogs usually rank well with search engines because of the content and getting a link back from a page with a post on is the best way to get backlinks. What you do not want to do is buy backlinks as if you get caught by Google as your ranking will go out the window.

Use a blog on your website

For small businesses especially, blogs on your website are one of the best ways to improve your search engine ranking, get your website noticed in your niche and really improve your online presence. By having a blog on your website you are adding a lot of extra pages full of text rich content, exactly what search engines want. Furthermore you are also going to appear in a lot more search results as well for people searching for your blog posts, then all you have to do is convert readers into customers.

By having a blog you are bound to improve your online presence. If you are writing good high quality content then people are bound to start sharing your content on social networks, providing you with free advertising and providing you with exposure on social networks.


Permalinks are the structure of the URL’s on your website. There is no point having great quality pages on your website if your URL’s are not friendly. A friendly URL has your keywords in your URL so search engines can identify immediately what the page is going to be about.  Also you do not want a long URL, ideally your URL should be easy to understand and memorable.

Link Out

As well as links into your website, linking out is now also  nearly as important if you want to get the best results. It is a good idea to link to some websites that are influential in your niche but you do not want to be linking to rival competition so therefore it is a good ideas to link to blogs in your niche that are providing high quality information.



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