5 Reasons to Hire Temporary Employees in the Run-Up to Christmas

5 Reasons to Hire Temporary Employees in the Run-Up to Christmas

We are nearing the end of summer with roughly just three weeks left in the season, and this means that things are going to be very busy for the next few months leading up to Christmas. If you were thinking about hiring temporary workers to manage the extra workload, here are five reasons why that’s a great idea right now.

Estimation of Capabilities and Opportunities

When someone is hired on a temporary basis, it gives both the employer and the worker an opportunity to get acquainted with each other. As an employer, you will get the chance to evaluate his/her work and decide whether the person would be fit for a permanent position in the team. From the perspective of the temp, he/she will be able to use the few months to figure out whether the conditions are suitable for taking up more permanent work there.

If you do end up with an underperforming temp, you will simply be able to terminate the arrangement, something which is not so easy when you hire someone long-term. Aside from that, lawsuits are so common these days that hiring anyone on a permanent basis, without knowing enough about their background can be a real legal hazard. When you hire someone on a temporary arrangement though, you will have the time and allowance to find out everything you need about the employee, before even thinking about hiring him/her for a more permanent post.

Finding the Right Employees for Christmas

If you have a retail store or a company that experiences extra load during the holidays, hiring temps right now would be just the right move, as that would give you the opportunity to find the most useful, productive employees and prepare them properly for the upcoming holiday rush. Most people make the mistake of hiring temporary workers only at the last minute, which puts undue stress on everyone and affects the productivity of the business.

Preparing for the Holidays

In addition to training and prepping your temps for the holidays, there’s another aspect at play here, provided your business deals with manufacturing. The pressure on manufacturing units and factories is always the highest before the holidays, therefore, if you are in manufacturing, you need to hire temporary workers to manage the extra rush and keep deadlines. Once the rush period is over, though, you probably won’t need as many workers, which is a problem if you hire full-time employees instead of temps.

The Process is So Simple

It is not that people did not want temp jobs before, it’s just that the process of finding appropriately skilled and experienced temps has become so simple for businesses in the UK. Any employer can find temp staff using Staff Heroes in three easy steps. Expensive newspaper ads and agencies are simply cut out of the equation as employers and employees connect directly with each other for mutual and short-term business, without having to pay a middleman.

Productivity and Speed without Commitment

When you hire an experienced temp, he/she is going to be an employee who already knows the work, so you will be able to skip most of the training. This makes experienced temps a more productive and speedier choice, but without the binding strings that come with hiring an experienced, full-time employee. Of course, if you see potential in the temp to become one of your permanent workers, that can always happen too.

To be honest, there is never a bad time to hire temps, as long as you have the need for extra hands; it’s just that during the months preceding Christmas, that need is usually greater.

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