5 Reasons Why Employees Love Mesh Chairs

As we all know, a happy workforce is a more productive workforce. Although managers do not have direct control over their employees’ moods, they can go a long way to ensuring their employees’ are happy by making the office is as comfortable as possible. What better place to start, than their office chair where they will be spending the majority of their time doing work. A comfortable and well supportive chair is one of the most important furnishings to an employee, and they will like you a lot more for providing them with one.

Many employees, given the choice, would opt for a mesh chair due to its benefits and features. Office furniture buyers should understand both of these and of course the needs of each individual employee before making a purchase decision.

The Benefits of Mesh Chairs

A workforce can easily be physically distressed due to an uncomfortable office chair which can result in poor performance and morale. Providing a mesh office chair has a number of benefits, and being familiar with these benefits can help office managers understand why employees love these types of chairs and underlines the importance of furnishing an office with them.


The primary benefit of a mesh chair is that it offers superior ventilation to the users back, helping to keep employees cool while they work throughout the day. Fully upholstered chairs trap the body heat coming from a person, causing them to sweat which can become increasingly uncomfortable. Ventilation through a mesh chair back can keep the user cool, dry and feeling fresh all day.


Due to the fabric of the chair back being tightly woven, mesh chairs are extremely durable. While many upholstered chairs can easily receive tears and the padding to become flattened, making them look worn and uncomfortable, mesh chairs will continue to stay supportive and strong for many years. Employees enjoy feeling like they are using new furniture and the extended durability of mesh office chairs lends itself to this feeling for a long period.


Another very important benefit of a mesh chair is the support it can provide to those seated in them. Many of our mesh chairs (such as The Olympia: Executive Mesh Office Chair) are ergonomically shaped, with the mesh can curved in a way that encourages its user to sit with a good posture. This design helps keep employees comfortable through extended periods of sitting, preventing back aches which could ultimately keep them away from work. Most mesh chairs are highly adjustable which allows everyone to customise their chair to suit their preferences.


Our mesh chairs have a contemporary look, thanks to their slim profiles and vibrant colours (on selected chairs). They are minimalist in appearance and furnishing an office with them helps to create a feeling that the office is on the cutting edge. Employees are sure to appreciate something so stylish.

5.Minimal Maintenance

Not only does the mesh back of the chair keep an employee dry and comfortable, but the lack of sweat helps maintain the chair for many years to come. Upholstered chairs can soak up the sweat which can lead to staining and embedding an unpleasant odour over time. Users of mesh chairs will stay fresh throughout the day, leaving little need to clean the chair as often as other chairs.

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