5 reasons why flyer printing is an effective marketing tool

While almost everything in this world has gone digital, it is still important to recognise how your business, and in particular direct marketing campaigns, can be aided by offline tools like printed flyers. Today, offline tools are often overlooked as necessary parts of a marketer’s toolbox, however they can be extremely valuable if used effectively. Read on for 5 reasons why flyer printing is an effective marketing tool.

  1. Affordable

Printed flyers are often a good choice for small businesses as they are generally a low cost marketing solution. Most companies will offer custom design to fit your exact specifications, and will allow for bespoke orders to suit your budget. If buying in bulk, you can usually expect a nice discount. There are many companies who offer this flyer printing services, one of the most popular being Fast Print:http://www.fastprint.co.uk/custom-leaflet-flyer/

  1. Multi Purpose

Whatever industry you are operating in; you’ll be sure to find a purpose for designing a bespoke flyer to promote your business. As they can be designed to your exact specification, they can also be multi-purpose. If you’re selling products, your promotional flyers can double up as product guides. If you are a restaurant or takeaway, your promotional flyers can double up as menus. You get the picture.

  1. Easy to Read

No need to worry about the resolution of your customer’s screen, the size of their device, or whether your online content is appropriately responsive. Flyers can be designed specifically to size so that they are easy to read and deliver your content and messaging in the most effective format.

  1. Wide Reach

The beauty of flyers is that it doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all approach. You can play around with dimensions, materials, finishes, and colours etc. The best part, they’re perfect for mailing out to potential customers, or even handing them out door to door or on the street, at events or conferences. There is technically no limit to your reach.

  1. Call to Action

Even online, many marketers fail to provide compelling calls to action. With flyers you can easily add an incentive or call to action in your messaging. Whether it’s to buy your products or head to your social media channels. The beauty of flyers is that they don’t get lost in the massive virtual world, so your customers can easily come back to them if needed.

Whilst there are clearly certain benefits of using printed flyers as part of your marketing toolbox, it is important to note that design, content and distribution methods are going to determine the effectiveness. As with everything, quality is key.

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