5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Blogging For SEO

Blogging is one of the best ways to improve your small business website. you can improve the usability of your site by creating a more trustful appearance. Sharing great content on your blog is going to get visitors interested and build up their trust in your knowledge. If you are creating great blog posts then they are going to get shared by people on social media, leading to increased traffic to your website.

Blogging is actually one of the best ways of improving the Search Engine optimisation of your website. There are many benefits to your SEO campaign from blogging which you might not realise. Take a look at these five benefits to your SEO from blogging.

Lot’s of keyword & text rich content

Writing a lot of blog posts is going to create a lot of content. If you aim to write blog posts of at least 500 words in length then you can ensure that there is plenty of text. When search engines look at your site, it is the text that they look at. Search engines love text rich pages and these pages are going to rank a lot better in search engines. Visitors will be able to find your posts through searching for these, then you can work on converting these visitors to customers.


Backlinks are still important for your websites search engine optimisation. They do have less of an impact these days after the use of black-hat SEO to increase but you can still not forget about creating good backlinks to your site. if you are creating great content then readers are going to share it. They may share it on their website or on social sharing sites across the web. Both of these are great for increasing your SEO and also traffic to your site.

Increased website site

One of the factors that search engines consider is the size of your website. However if you are a small business then a lot of sites only have under 20 pages of content. This makes your site very small and it is not going to rank good against sites with lots of pages, of which there is plenty. Every time you write a blog post you are creating a new page for search engines to index. By just writing one post per week you will be able to add fifty-two pages to your site throughout the year.

Fresh content

Once factor that is becoming more prominent in SEO is how fresh your content is. Search engines now look for fresh content and it can often help you rank higher. Without a blog it is unlikely that your website content is going to be updated often. However blogging will allow you to have constant fresh content without the need to change any of the main pages on your site.

Image searches

When you are blogging it is a good idea to use images in your blog posts. As well as making your posts easier to read by breaking them up, images are great for SEO. Your images should be correctly names and contain a suitable Alt-Tag. When people then search for images, your pictures will be there. This increased the popularity of your site with search engines and can also bring you come extra traffic.

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