5 Tips and Tricks for Winning Over Clients and Securing Contracts

5 Tips and Tricks for Winning Over Clients and Securing Contracts

Nowadays, the market is saturated with workers, contracts, and employment opportunities, and while competitive and plenty to go around; there’s a problem. No matter what industry you’re in clients want to be working with the top talent, which means they’re proactive in finding it.

This means, as a contractor, business, or freelancer, you need to up your game to ensure you stand out from all the noise and make yourself seen. You need to be just as proactive in being chosen, and the companies are in choosing.

Today, we’re going to explore five key tips to help you become a cut above the rest, ultimately winning over clients, securing contracts, and contributing to your success as a business.

1 – Writing the Resume

A business resume can come in many different shapes and sizes. It could be a physical sheet of paper you hand over to a potential client or send in the post. It could be an online portfolio on your website, or it could be your social media pages, such as your LinkedIn.

Whatever format your resume is in, you need to make sure you’re writing it to showcase yourself in the best possible way. Redefine and optimize your resume as much as you possibly can to get the best results and secure the most contracts.

2 – Advertise in the Right Places

The next thing you’ll want to think about is making sure you’re marketing and advertising your business in the right places. You need to define your ideal client, consider who they are and what they do, and then think about where you can best advertise to reach them.

You might like to try lots of different places, such as reaching out directly, putting flyers in physical stores, and advertising online, or even using targeted ads. However, the clearer you can identify your ideal client, the more effective your campaign will be.

3 – Write a Killer Marketing Proposal

When you connect with a client, more often than not you’ll be asked to write a proposal to detail how you’ll tackle the job and why the client should give you the contract. You’ll want to make sure you’re doing this perfectly.

If you’re stuck for ideas or you don’t know how to move forward, you can always use a marketing proposal online template to guide you through the process.

4 – Be Prepared

Whether you’re contacting a client for the first time, or you’ve been chosen to head through to the interview process, you need to make sure you’re prepared. This means researching the company and knowing precisely what they’re looking for, so you can give them just that.

5 – Follow-Up After Every Stage

No matter what part of the process you’re at when securing contracts, you need to make sure you’re following up with the companies. This is so you can not only stay at the forefront of your mind, but you can also learn everything you need to know from the interaction to improve next time.


While the markets of the world are more competitive than they’ve ever been, that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out from the crowd. Be proactive and persistent, and you can be sure you’ll be able to get the contracts you apply for.

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