5 tips for producing a successful corporate video

5 tips for producing a successful corporate video

More and more businesses have grown to recognise the significant power of video marketing. You might have already become accustomed to seeing various commercial videos playing in your news feed on Facebook – which, according to one of its staffers cited by Inc., could be “all video” by 2021.

Nonetheless, the significant influence of video marketing depends on it being done right. Here are five pieces of advice that you could heed in putting together a corporate video conducive to success.

Learn more about your intended audience

You can’t expect to effectively connect with your audience – either the main or tertiary one – if you don’t understand what tone and language to which it responds and so you must replicate.

Therefore, it would be crucial for you to carry out extensive research – and you can do that by, as advised in an Inc. article, finding places where you can eavesdrop on your target audience. This can lead you to better understand the source of their anguish and, thus, the issue you need to address.

Draw upon creative storytelling

The story that your video tells should cleverly impart plentiful information. Ultimately, your objective here is to show how your firm and its offerings are distinctive.

There are various possible means through which you could do this. Perhaps satisfied clients could provide on-screen testimonials, or you could provide more of an insight into your company’s products or services. Your video could even be aimed at enticing new employees to join your firm.

Include a call to action

You shouldn’t neglect such an inclusion whether you aim to sell or recruit. After all, your overriding goal with this video is to persuade your audience to react in a manner that benefits your company.

Request that viewers proceed to such a step – whether that be emailing or calling your firm, visiting its website or doing something else. All the same, resist overly “sales-y” language, which could deter them. Entrepreneur recommends that you seemingly just suggest something, if persuasively.

Make the video professional quality

You shouldn’t anticipate the video’s viewers garnering an impression of your organisation as slick and professional if the video itself does not adhere to these same values.

While you might opt to make the video yourself, its audio and video quality could be unnecessarily compromised if you lack sufficient care over which equipment you use. An external company could assist you in the task of corporate video production and take account of your unique needs.

Promote the video on a range of platforms

YouTube is an obvious channel through which to market that video; however, remember to follow Entrepreneur‘s advice to properly title, describe and tag the video on that site. Otherwise, the video won’t prominently feature in results of search engines like Google.

You could also include the video in online press releases and e-newsletters – but, first, you’ll need the completed video. Contact a corporate video production firm to learn how they could help you make it.

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