5 Tips to Wiping Away Business Data Securely

In today’s day and age we are open and vulnerable to threats online more than ever before. Our personal information is easily accessible from anywhere around the world. With so many different channels to access different databases that contain our confidential information, how can we ensure that it is kept safe and secure? Wiping away data using secure practices. This is a way in which information can be disposed of without compromising you or your company.

Avoid a fine

Data within businesses should be treated with the highest level of importance as client information is extremely confidential. The leaking of this information could be detrimental to your business. With the EU data protections regulations businesses can be imposed upon with steep fines if they do not adhere to current confidential data legislations. Fines of this nature could cause major damage to your business resulting in major financial blows or legal action. As well as this you could find that a business could suffer with a tarnished reputation as confidential information could become leaked to a competitor.

So how can you be sure that you have destroyed sensitive information? Just because you have deleted something and emptied it from your trash does that really mean it is gone forever? What is to stop someone with enough technical skill to access that information you believed to be ‘deleted’.

Identify sensitive data

Businesses must deal with confidential data in a secure way. In order to ensure that this happens businesses must identify where their information is stored and assess its sensitivity to determine what steps to take in accordance with data protection rules.

Transfer and wipe

Locate what files you wish to save and move them to a secure location for you. Now you can wipe sensitive information that you need to destroy. It is best doing this by performing a data wipe. A data wipe overwrites data multiple times to make it irretrievable.

Destroy data

If you are looking to destroy items such as hard drives, USB’s and sim cards with confidential information, hire an expert.  They will dispose of them using shredders. Some will even offer a mobile shredding service where they come to your business and destroy your data right in front of your eyes.

Remove potential threats

Protect your business knowledge and craft secrets by getting rid of any potential threats to your security. Do not take risks with this, if you don’t need to use this information or it fails to provide you any benefits then get rid of it securely.

Invest in equipment

Consider the equipment you have and asses its suitability. There are a number of devices and packages which can be tailored to your wants, needs and budget, so do not be put off.

Did you know that information can be stored on your printers and photocopiers? Xerox have come up with a security feature called image overwrite that electronically destroys information saved to such devices. By using a service like this it gives users piece of mind when dealing with secure client information.

Train your employees

Like with any new software or equipment there is a phasing in period. Ensure your employees and colleagues are up to date with how to use any new equipment. This will ensure it is used properly and will minimise any potential security issues.

By handling your data in a safe and secure manor it will allow you and your business to become uncompromised. Allowing you to provide your clients with an expert and professional service that is expected from businesses. Following these 5 steps will ensure you wipe away your data securely.

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