5 Top Cleaning Tips for Your Working Office at Home

5 Top Cleaning Tips for Your Working Office at Home

Whether you’re a fully-fledged home worker with a separate office room, or you have to occasionally work from home as part of your working day, you’re more than likely going to have to up the cleaning requirements there. What was just usual living mess and rubbish, can now change both in terms of quantity of mess but also the type of issues that you have.

And not only does keeping things nice and clean bring cleanliness benefits, it can help your whole motivation and perspective for work. That great-looking office desk, and fine-smelling aroma can surprisingly spur you on to work more efficiently.

So here are 5 tips to help you keep on top of this, and to easily cope with any extra cleaning issues from working at home:


  1. Keep the Paper and Files Down

This is the biggie of course, masses of endless paper, files, and folders to clutter everywhere up. It’s a nice idea to have a paperless office, but in reality there is always at least some, even if it well stored away or just a temporary print out.

The secret is twofold really, firstly to keep things nicely filed away and placing things back in files, or neat piles of paper will work a treat.

The second is disposing of waste paper effectively, not just in the right separate recycle bin, but if confidential then any shredding and waste removal system.

  1. Find the Food

Although you won’t automatically think of food in your work area, you might end up with an overlap by using, say, the dining room table, but also by just grazing on snacks and a quick sandwich when you are at your office desk.

Therefore keep it under control, taking plates and waste food straight back to the kitchen, and watch out for those nasty spilt bits and crumbs getting everywhere.

  1. The Dreaded Drink

This is a popular one, which although in most cases won’t cause a fuss, when it does you need to watch out. Whether it’s a quick glass of water, or a full blown favourite cup of coffee, just watch out for the aftermath.

Whether stains on the desk top, things falling in the drink, or even spilt liquid everywhere, always keep on top of it and immediately wipe away if it can’t be avoided in the first place anyway.

  1. Stains and Smears

These will always be lurking around anyway, and needing a good old cloth wipe down in all areas like desk tops, computer screens, keyboards, and filing areas. But when you’re working so long at your workstation, it’s amazing how these can soon add up, even on the good old telephone handset.

So keep an eye out for them, try and view them from a different angle and light, and even if you can’t always see them, assume they’re there anyway risking general hygiene.

  1. Follow the Floor

Floor areas typically gets a lot of abuse, and will need regular cleaning like vacuum cleans, mopping, or just de-clutter.

In an office area you can end up cluttering the floor space up with, say, piles of files, and you end up walking around in a daze as you’re mulling over work issues in your head, so best to make a conscious decision to check things.

So when it comes to keeping your home spick and span not only for those working hours but to enjoy the non-working ones as well, these simple pointers will help keep on top of things. From dealing with those little things like spilt drinks and stains, to the bigger issues like paper overload, you can soon keep on top of it.

The secret is getting in the right habit. Just a few small steps here and there will soon keep mess at bay and a lovely clean working area at the forefront.

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