5 Useful tips to promote your home business on Twitter

Social networks have become a key resource for all businesses online today. By using them you can promote your business, maximize your online presence and answers customers questions. Many large businesses will employ people to manage there social network accounts for them but what do you do if you operate a home business and do not have the budget to employ someone to manage this ? well you have to learn yourself.

Out of all the social networks i personally find that i get the best results from Twitter as i can easily communicate with customers and drive a lot of traffic to my websites and blogs and for that reason i am going to share five of my top tips to promote your home business  using Twitter.

Integrate Twitter into your website

Twitter integration with your business website is more important than you may think.  By placing a Twitter widget in your sidebar, people visiting your website can instantly follow you on Twitter and therefore keep up to date with your latest posts. If you are using WordPress then there is a load of plugins available that you can use to add a widget to your sidebar.

On the other hand Twitter is the perfect place to get some free advertising online. By adding some share buttons on your page your visitors can  share your page with all of these followers. This is going to bring you new visitors and hopefully customers.

Timing is key

For your Tweets to be most effective the time that you send them is important. Lets say most of your customers are from america, there is no point posting a Tweet when all of them people are going to be asleep. To overcome this i use HootSuite. This allows me to schedule Tweets for when i know they are going to be most effective. I usually set-up my tweet schedule once a week so that i do not have to worry about it.

Furthermore how often you Tweet is also important. You do not want to be sending loads of Tweets all of the time, this is just going to fill up peoples news feeds and they are going to end up unfollowing you so you need to make sure you get the balance right.

Interact with other users

Customers of businesses love to see your human side and Twitter is where you can really demonstrate this. Instead of just tweeting to promote your content it is also important to interact with other users by Tweeting with customers and other businesses or blogs in your niche, retweeting others and answering any questions that customers may ask over Twitter.

Followers are good

For anyone to actually see your Tweets you are going to need some followers and the more followers you have, the more people that are going to see your tweets. There are a few ways that you can easily get a lot of followers. The best way is to follow people. Following people in your niche is important and good for networking. However you also need to be following people back as people will follow you because they know you will follow them back.

Using hash tags is also important if you do not know a lot about Twitter then hash tags are used when you are tweeting about a certain topic.

Run Promotions

Running competitions online is a great way to build a buzz around your business and get people talking about you. You could run a competition where entrants must be following you on Twitter. This is going to boost up your followers and get people talking. Another way is to get people too Retweet you as well to be in with a chance of winning; giving you maximum exposure.

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