5 Ways Professional Speakers Can Benefit Businesses

When you stride into the office on a Monday morning are you met with a sea of beaming faces? Granted, Monday mornings aren’t the nations favourite. But, if the vibe from your employees is that of misery, it could be time to call in the cavalry.

In the world of business, whether holding a senior position or working your way up the ranks, you can often feel demotivated and disheartened at times. The smallest task can feel as if you are scaling a mountain –  you have simply lost the spark. All employees need inspiration once in a while; motivation is imperative to helping employees want to reach goals and strive for more.

Harnessing the skills of a professional speaker to breathe new life into a team desperately seeking rejuvenation can not only improve overall morale, but increase business activity. So, how can professional speakers benefit your business?

Impart New Knowledge and Skills

Staff who have worked for the same company for a number of years can often get a little stuck in their ways, or believe they know it all. Motivational speakers, in particular, are not averse to dealing with members of staff that need a new perspective on their own skills set. No matter age or position, speakers will have all the expertise to help impart new knowledge on each member of staff.

Professional speakers are highly engaging, often sharing experiences from their lives that teach the audience subtly. Choosing the correct speaker for your business is a task in itself, but with Olympians, entrepreneurs, explorers, and politicians, there is a rich pool to select from. Each speaker comes with their own unique educational background, experiences, and perspectives which will be valuable to the workforce.

Determination Refueled

Staff need to feel valued and this is the task of senior staff. People want to know they are good at their jobs but, particularly with fast-paced office roles, work forces can often feel under immense pressure and be left exhausted. Appointing a professional speaker can set staff back on the right track; boosting morale and inspiring a new lease of positivity and productivity.

The majority of speakers use examples of achievements and experiences from their own lives to help audiences see an end goal. Having an individual show the connection between employee and company goals can be very inspiring. Many employees leave stimulating speeches with an ‘I can’ attitude, spurred on by learning about the speakers struggles and how they overcame them. However, it is important for senior staff members to carry on this motto to ensure determination is always strong.

Develop New Ways of Thinking

Changes in business are part and parcel of the industry. Not a day goes by without evolution in best practice and it is worth remembering that companies are twenty-four seven machines. All members of staff need to be ready to take on innovative ideas. However, change is often shunned by members of the workforce, regardless of potential positive outcomes. Therefore, speakers are often called upon to develop ways of thinking, helping those who struggle with change to adapt and think outside the box.

Staff in business roles need to be chameleons; constantly developing to keep up with the swift changes that can literally happen overnight. Speakers are a neutral party and an ideal platform to share company changes and express to audience members how having a new way of thinking can help the company progress over time, for the benefit of everyone.

 Immediate Effect on Confidence

Discouraged employees can often lack confidence. It is important to senior staff that their teams are happy and self-assured in their roles to ensure the best for business. According to the Health and Safety Executive, in 2014 and 2015, 440,00 people in the UK reported work-related stress at a level they believed was making them ill. Stress, anxiety, and depression can affect confidence at work immensely and a major benefit of hiring a professional speaker is the immediate uplift their powerful speeches can have on an individual’s self-confidence.

Speakers connect effortlessly with audience members, and this unique skill can inject unsure and nervous staff with the motivational encouragement to succeed. Businesses can back up the confidence instilled in staff from speakers by regularly praising team members and recognising their excellent efforts and goal achievements.

 Successful Teams and Individuals

If individuals or teams as a whole are constantly berated for not achieving goals or targets, chances are they are on a slippery slope. Negativity breeds negativity and harnessing a speaker to get people out of unmanageable situations, both work related and psychological, can be extremely valuable. Transforming mind-sets is a big part of a speaker’s task and they do this by relaying stories about their lives, and they are not afraid to share some of their darkest moments. What is most inspiring to staff is how they overcame negative hurdles.


Professional speakers are not magicians. However, if your company is suffering with lack of motivation, they can certainly set people back on the right track with their infinite amounts of experiences and successes. Speakers can help stabilise businesses that may be under strain or need a morale boost but, once they have done their part, it is the task of senior staff to instill the knowledge and ideas garnered to secure future growth and success.

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