5 Ways To Improve Your Twitter Engagement

Some people have many followers, but they are not having any luck marketing on Twitter. Business executives must think about their engagement level on Twitter if they want to use this social media platform to reach their targeted audience. Start by engaging with others in the Twitter community who are sharing compelling content and are very active. The more influential a person is on Twitter, the more they are likely to deliver new members of your targeted audience to you. If you would like to increase your engagement level on Twitter, then follow these five simple tips.

Complete Your Bio

When someone Googles your name or your company’s name, one of the first things they will see is your Twitter bio. Therefore, it is essential to put some time into developing it. You need to get some inspiration allowing you to describe who you are to the rest of the world. Avoid tired clichés like aficionado and entrepreneur as everyone uses these phases. Instead, opt for keywords that describe what you do for a living. In order to have the best luck, try to add some humor. Add credibility to your bio by incorporating well-known names or organizations that you have worked with but do not lie.

Be Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes that people make on Twitter is being boring. Therefore, spend a few minutes thinking of a creative or humorous way to share the information you want to give your audience. Engage with your followers in a fun way that will keep them coming back looking for more.

Tell People What You Want Them to Do

Ask people to share your tweets introducing you or your company to even more of your targeted audience. If you want them to share your tweet, then ask them to do that. If you want them to review your product, then tell them. People are often in a hurry when they are looking at Twitter, so tell them in an entertaining but straightforward way. Asking people to share your content increases motivation to do so.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Many people rely on hashtags to follow conversations they are interested in, so make sure to use them effectively. Using hashtags effectively allows you to engage with other members of your targeted audience. Watch for hashtags related to your business because hashtags are always changing. They are often tied to topics on the morning news shows. Especially since some topics are designed to get a rise from you, take a second to step back and think about your tweet before you post it to make sure that it reflects the overall picture of you and your company.

Post Consistently

The best thing you can do to engage with your followers is to post regularly. After all, there is no point in following someone who does not get on Twitter regularly. Keep in mind that you need to be authentic in each post. Approximately 20 percent of your tweets should be about you while 80 percent should be about helping other people. If you have trouble deciding who you want to be online, then try completing a persona worksheet. Know when your followers are most likely to be online. If you are interested in selling to businesses, consider tweeting when other business executives are likely to be commuting. Alternatively, if you are trying to reach individuals, then the best time to tweet is on the weekends or later in the day.

You can effectively engage with your audience on Twitter by following these simple tips. Start by making sure that your bio is complete with relevant keywords. People respond best when they are told exactly what you want them to do. Use relevant hashtags reflecting your online persona. The most important thing that you can do is to tweet consistently.

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