6 Critical Factors Meaning Your Website Is Losing Attention

Attention is everything in the world of online business. The game is to strive for it, everyone wants it, and it can be incredibly difficult to get it. In fact, even when you work hard and develop your site so have a rapt audience, it won’t take long for them to drift elsewhere after a while.

The big question is – what can you do to stop your website from losing attention and prevent customers heading off to your rivals? Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons why it is happening – and how to fix them.

A messy site

The longer your site exists, the more cluttered and messy it will become. You should see your website as a garden – it needs constant attention throughout the year, or it will just get unmanageable, unattractive, and difficult to stomach. Keep your focus razor sharp and remove distractions – just because your website is growing doesn’t mean you can let your standards slip.

Grammar issues

While some people won’t mind the occasional grammar slip or typo, if your site is strewn with them, people will leave – it’s as simple as that. Not only does it look shoddy, but your customers will question your authenticity and professionalism. If you do start to lose customers, go through your site with a fine tooth comb and ensure there aren’t too many glaring mistakes.

Too many ads

First of all, if you are a serious business your website should have zero ads – it’s that simple. However, ad revenue can be important to bloggers, so we understand why you might have them. But if you do, don’t overegg the pudding. The truth is that no one likes ads online – they are a hindrance to almost every action you take. If your page is loaded with them by the dozen, your audience will soon become someone else’s.

Slow speed

As your website grows its audience, you will need more bandwidth. But if your web host has limits – as they all do – it means that your service will stop after a specific number of visitors arrive on your site. So, look around for another service or buy web hosting from a company that can increase and decrease your bandwidth as you need it. It will ensure your site is always available to your customers and should stop them from having to look elsewhere.

The competition

There might not be anything wrong with your website, but why are you still losing your audience? A quick search on Google should reveal the answer. The simple fact is that one of your competitors might just have spent more on good quality SEO, while you have been resting on your laurels. Staying at the top of the search engines takes time and effort – so ensure you are putting it in.  

A Google update

Finally, your website might have been hit by one of Google’s infamous updates. It happens to a lot of companies – one minute they are flying high at the top of the SERPS, the next they are nowhere. Ensue you are up to date with Google’s requirements and use a professional if you are struggling.

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