6 Essential Business Tools You Can Rent Instead of Buying

 In this remarkably uncertain business climate sometimes it is more beneficial to rent or lease items that are essential for your growth, rather than invest in expensive purchase.

Announcing Your Presence
 New companies often need to test drive their businesses in order to negotiate these dangerous shoals and this is where renting rather than capital investment can prove to be a bonus. Many companies have used call centres as a way of promoting their enterprise and also answering queries about their company.  Rather than employing your own staff, why not engage the services of professional telephone answering and dialler service. You’ll be able to keep an eye on the costs and these services also allow you to measure the success of every campaign.


 Car rental is an obvious way of keeping down the costs and most companies that offer business rentals will offer deals for repeat custom or base their pricing structure on the number of cars that your company may need to lease. This type of service makes sense if you only use a car for business purposes on a limited basis and don’t want to go into the costs of maintenance.


 Figures and accounts are a necessary part of any business but when you are just starting up you might prefer to contract out for your bookkeeping services rather than going to the trouble of hiring a full time bookkeeper. Many local volunteer organisations keep their running costs to a minimum by subcontracting their backroom services; the expertise that you can hire will help any fledgling company keep on top of their finances as well as sustaining local charitable organisations at the same time.

Office Equipment

Some of the most expensive items to buy are computers, printers, shredders and fax machines. It’s a good idea to carry out some research into the rental of all of these items. Another benefit of leasing equipment is that you’ll be offered some training along with the products.

Temporary Staff

Staff members are always an essential part of any business but if your business is expanding into pastures new and you’re not sure whether you will need or even be able to afford new full time members of staff, then a temporary worker may be the answer. The headaches of payroll and other administrative matters will be taken care of by the agency and leaving you free to instruct the temp and then evaluate their role within the context of your company’s needs.

Virtual Office

 Many smaller companies use the services of a virtual office where professionals will be able to answer the telephone, deliver messages and also the caller will not realise that this set-up is most probably acting for several other small companies. If you are frequently travelling but want to use the services of a professional receptionist, this type of organisation is ideal. They can also take care of your business correspondence on your behalf and provide you with a business address.

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