6 Must-Have Software Solutions For SMEs

Small to medium sized businesses were once fight a losing battle when it came to finding software that would help them to compete with the big boys in their sector. Much of the software was overpriced and only affordable for those with colossal budgets and money to burn.

Thankfully, however, things have changed over the last few years and now SMEs can enjoy all of the benefits of great software without having to ask the bank manager if it’s OK to buy them. Let’s take a look at six areas where small to medium sized businesses could find an edge with software:

1) Ecommerce software

Although this is largely a retail only affair, ecommerce software can be huge for small to medium sized bricks and mortar businesses that are looking to make their first foray into the world of online business. Platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, SellerDeck, X-Cart and Big Commerce all make life easier for the burgeoning online retailer. Having some decent software on side from the get-go means that your online reputation will be solid and repeat business from your initial customers more likely.

2) Communication and collaboration software

Seamlessly shifting information between colleagues has been a headache for as long as businesses have been in existence, but now, thanks to the power of the Internet, things are starting to look up. Programs such as BaseCamp, Huddle and even bigger names like Microsoft 365 are all within the reach of small start up and established medium sized enterprises, making the task of sharing information so much easier than it was just a decade ago.

3) HR software

Human resources departments can prove to be an expensive outlay for SMEs, so having the ability to streamline the process is always welcomed. By opting to shift the mundane aspects of HR into a software package you are freeing up valuable time for your staff members – time that will allow them to get on with the much more important task of growing your business. Firms who incorporate HR software into their business can expect to see fewer errors too, as the human element is all but removed from the process.

4) Office software

Probably the most essential software item of them all, office software is now ubiquitous. However, this wasn’t always the case and it is only recently that this helping hand has become inexpensive, if not free in some cases. Microsoft Office is still the go-to package, but programs such as Google Docs may have something to say about that in the future.

5) Customer Relationship Management Software

Keeping the customer happy has been a vital part of business forever, but with the help of CRM platforms the game has changed significantly in recent years. Managing and monitoring customer relationships can now not only help with retention levels, it can also bring insights that will inspire new product lines or promotional strategies too. Look out for programs such as Infusionsoft, Salesforce and Mhelpdesk.

6) Finance software

The last in our list is one of the most helpful, especially when it comes to end of year tax reporting. Finance software is big business and the competition for market share has led to prices being forced down in this sector. Old hands such as Sage still rule the roost but there are numerous others that are well worthy of your consideration, with QuickBooks and Xero amongst the better options.

Using the latest software packages can make a huge difference to the way your business operates. Do your homework, choose wisely, and enjoy the benefits that tech can bring to your company.

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