6 Reasons Why Customers Are Leaving Your Website

6 Reasons Why Customers Are Leaving Your Website

When you put a company website out there, you obviously want users to spend as long as possible on there. If they are not doing so, you need to find out why. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done without direct customer engagement on a wide scale. To give you a bit of a helping hand, we have compiled a list of six potential things that are causing your customers to switch off.

Your Site is Loading Too Slowly

Online attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter, so if your site it taking an age to load, it is likely that customers will quickly go elsewhere. And the worst thing is that customers haven’t even had a chance to see what you have to offer. If your images are the cause of your poor site loading time, it is worth resizing them. Also, be sure that your visual content is being hosted elsewhere.

Your Site is Tough to Navigate

When it comes to website design, you need to ensure that your site is easy to get around. Customers are at their happiest when they can find what they are looking for fast, so make everything as obvious as possible. Make sure that you conduct plenty of site tests to see how quickly people can find things who have never used the site before.

Your Site Doesn’t Work Well on Phones and Tablets

It is more and more likely that your website user is coming to you through a smartphone or tablet these days, so if your site doesn’t work well with these mediums, you are likely to be in a lot of trouble. The first step is ensuring that your site is responsive. If it is already responsive, make sure it is as easy to use on a phone as a standard laptop.

Your Site is Outdated

Customers need to trust the site that they are buying from, and if it is full of information which is no longer relevant, this is going to put serious questions in their minds. On a regular basis, you should take the time to purge your site of old copy and update it as necessary. Your blog page needs to be updated on a regular basis so customers can see that you are running an active business.

You Are Difficult to Contact

A general contact form is one of the most impersonal ways of inviting customers to get in touch with you. Many customers still prefer to get in touch with an email or phone call, so you should make sure these methods are prominently listed. If you want people to visit you directly, ensure that your address is visible.

Your Site is Full of Pop Ups

One pop up on the homepage of a site shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but if they relentless appear, your customers are likely to become very frustrated very quickly. Consider whether they really add to the appeal of your website or whether you can ditch them.

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