7 Festive Tips To Decorate Your Office This Christmas

Christmas has a knack of creeping up on us unexpectedly and this year is, once again, no exception. Soon, we will become accustomed to fluttering festive lights, busy crowds and let’s not forget those Christmas hits blaring from our radios.

With festive cheer in the air, workplaces and offices will be transformed over the next few weeks as people look to bring a seasonal touch to the workplace. From traditional decorations, to contemporary garlands, to home-made treats, it’s easier than you may think to transform your plain, ordinary office into a winter wonderland.

And here’s how…

1 – Lights

The fluttering of Christmas lights brings a heart-warming comfort to any room. With the flashing of reds, blues, greens and yellows, you can brighten up your office as well as get in the festive mood. Christmas lights are not that expensive and can be purchased from local shopping outlets.  Why not purchase energy saving Christmas lights so as not to waste excessive energy.

2 – Christmas Tree

The symbol of many a Christmas household, a Christmas tree is essential to completing that seasonal look. Fake trees will create less mess for the cleaners, whilst real fur trees will add an authentic touch. Make sure you find a suitably sized tree too and always position it in a safe place that is not blocking any fire exits or violating any safety regulations.

3 – Indoor Plants

Not just for Christmas, indoor plants are a great way of improving interior design and creating a positive and professional environment. Corporate plant specialists will be able to help you find the perfect plants for your interior, as well as advise you on Christmas designs. Visually captivating and motivating for staff and visitors, indoor plants have been proven to help create a more productive office.

4 – Fake Snow

Sprinkle on surfaces, decorate on desks and scatter around the office to bring the seasonal snow weather indoors. Fake snow can be brought on a budget but you can use cotton wool as an alternative, transforming window sills, desks, staff rooms and board rooms.

5 – Mistletoe

A real ice-breaker and good fun for all, Mistletoe has long been associated with Christmas smooching. Why not hide it around the office and see if anyone notices…

6 – Home-Made Decorations

Invite people to bring in decorations from home, or if you are looking for a great team-building exercise, why not have employees make and create their own office decorations. From wreathes and garlands, to baubles and banners, no one is ever too old for arts and crafts so let those creative juices flow.

7 – Festive Scents

From natural decorations like Christmas trees and pinecones, to artificial air fresheners, have the sweet scent of Christmas sweep the office air with a scattering of festive smells that won’t fail to bring back the memories of Christmas’s past.

With Christmas on the horizon, make sure your employees, staff and visitors fully embrace that Christmas spirit with our 7 simple steps to transforming your office.

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