7 Lessons Business Owners Can Learn from Casey Neistat

As a filmmaker and YouTube star, Casey Neistat has a lot of adorable traits that business owners can emulate. In 2015, he launched a vlog where he has been sharing videos which educate and entertains people at the same time. The36-year old star is also known for creating Meme, a video messaging app which he sold to CNN at an estimated value of $25 million according to Wall Street Journal. The following are seven lessons business owners can learn from Casey Neistat.

  1. Be consistent

Neistat is known for his consistency as he shares a new video daily at 8 a.m. The subscribers are always on the lookout for videos, and he has never failed his audience. Create a good relationship with your customers and make them believe they can trust you. Ensure that you stick to your working hours and be consistent in producing high-quality products and services.

  1. Maximise opportunities

Casey was hired by Nike to make an advert dubbed Make It Count but went overboard and worked against the script. He incorporated his ideas, but the reception of the video was unbelievable with more than 22 million views. As a business owner, capitalise on an opportunity that is likely to benefit both parties.

  1. Find your passion

Casey’s love for his work has been a great pillar towards his success. You need to love what you do and work hard. Set realistic goals to act as motivation and track your progress.

  1. Be principled

Casey Neislat advises that business owners should be careful when undertaking projects. There are times where you find a client who offers you a contract with a hefty check, but you are likely to offend your followers. An ideal project should cater for your audience and the client.

  1. Be flexible and trendy

He notes that overthinking is a major factor that hinders people from taking action. Entrepreneurs should use their instincts as a guide to do what is right. Be on the lookout for new trends and marketing techniques and make use modern technology. For example, the beauty industry use video to promote their products and services in a highly effective manner.

  1. You can start small

Casey dropped out of high school and did odd jobs such as washing dishes. He supported his family and his filmmaking business from the proceeds.

  1. Have fun

Your business should not be a death sentence such that you don’t have time for family. Work with schedules that allow you to socialise and still be productive at work.

You need to value and be creative for your business to be sustainable. Business owners should learn to engage in ventures that they care about as they are satisfying.

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