7 Popular Promotion Items For Summer 2019

7 Popular Promotion Items For Summer 2019

Promotional products offer something different for companies to invest in and can successfully drive sales and brand awareness. The choice and availability of promotional products are endless nowadays, but staying on top of the trends and appealing to consumers can be tricky due to the constant shift. However, we are here to help and present the top seven most popular promotional products for summer 2019 to ensure your business can stay ahead of the game.

  1. Eco-Friendly Products

With consumers becoming more invested in using natural and eco-friendly products instead of single-use disposable alternatives, associating your company with this type of sustainability could enhance your image and benefit the environment at the same time. It’s a win-win situation!

Reusable items are a big hit. Consider canvas or cork bags, reusable coffee cups and water bottles, or invest in items that utilise biodegradable materials such as wood, or metal.

  1. Straws

At the forefront of popular eco-friendly products are straws. Since Seattle in the United States banned plastic straws due to the effect on the environment, many companies and businesses have followed their footsteps to reduce the volume of plastic being manufactured. Although many companies are swapping the plastic for paper, consumers have taken it upon themselves to carry around stainless steel straws or silicone straws to do their bit in helping the environment.

By opting for the cheaper option of paper straws as a promotional product, your company can be associated with helping the environment and also create attention with this trending product.

Despite paper straws being less practical than plastic, there are more benefits to cutting out plastic waste and using biodegradable materials instead. You can enjoy your drink, promote your company and save the environment at the same time!

With the ease of customisation, there’s an array of styles available for products allowing creativity to shine through. What’s more it allows you to draw attention to your logo and promote your company style.

  1. Bright colours

Choosing a lively and bright colour not only draws attention but also sets a positive and lively association.

  1. Marble patterns

Marble patterns make any product look sleek, smart and stylish. This pattern can be put onto a variety of products from USBs, bottles, phone cases, notebooks, pens, and much more.

  1. Matte finish:

Giving a smooth and sophisticated finish, matte products are hot right now and give your company logo an extra essence of class!

  1. 2-in-1 charging cables

As we have become dependent on our mobile phones and the ability to always be online, being able to charge our devices on the go has become essential.

This accessory features a key ring and a lightening charging cable for an iPhone and a micro USB, making it compatible for many devices.

A unique and trendy product could set your company apart from your competitors, and help your consumers stay online! There are also eco-friendly options available from the likes of USBMakers.com, for example.

  1. Wireless charging pads:

Wireless charging pads give consumers the ease of picking their phone up or taking it off charge without having to unplug the charging cable.

The base unit is required to be plugged in for the wireless charging to take place, however, your phone can then charge up by simply placing it on the pad.

This convenient and trendy promotional product encourages your consumers to stay online and promotes your company.

Despite trends coming and going, these seven popular promotional products are worth investing in to stay ahead of the game, get you noticed and offer your consumers something unique and trendy!

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