7 steps to work out which career is perfect for you

7 steps to work out which career is perfect for you

At some point, we have all felt stuck in a rut. The thought of spending another day doing the same thing, following the same routine can seem monotonous and boring. The only real way forward is to make a change and, for many people, this might mean a change in career.

Some people of course, take a big step and throw it all in, taking off to travel the world or rely on their skills and qualifications to walk in to another job but, if this too big a risk to take, why not take a look at a www.staffbay.com ?  Websites of this ilk are perfect for people who want to do something new, without feeling they are taking too big a risk but, if you are thinking of a career change, why not take these 7 steps to help you work out which career IS perfect for you?

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Step 1: What energises and excites?

But, let’s not get completely carried away and end up with unrealistic expectations! However, knowing what you are good at, may not be the thing that energises and excites you but, it is as good a place as any to start. Passion is not always something we talk about when it comes to our careers. We tend think of our jobs and careers in terms of money, and our earning power but, where is your heart? Is it really in it?

Step 2: Take an aptitude test!

Not only can these be a lot of fun but they can also kick start some thoughts about career, especially if you are prepared to retrain or take yourself back off to college. There are all kinds of matching attributes tests online, so take a look. Some people also suggest looking at some of the ‘what personality are you?’ type tests that are available online although if you are serious about this kind of thing, experts suggest using one that you pay for as they do give genuinely bespoke feedback to people, whereas others are more like a multiple choices questionnaire.

Step 3: Get professional help

A mentor or life coach can be a great way of getting some individual, personalised help especially if you feel really stuck in a rut. There may be other issues that are either preventing you moving on or will need working through as part of your new career path. You can find these online too; many life coaches will operate as private, self-employed individuals and run their sessions similar to a counselling session, but focused on your job and career.

Step 4: Grasp the opportunity

We have all heard people tell their story or even lived it with them via a TV programme, but there are people out there who ended up in conventional careers, earning mega-bucks in the city only to throw it all in and live on a remote island growing tomatoes, doing a ‘crazy’ (low Paid) job that brings them enormous satisfaction. If you are this juncture in your life, now may be the time that you actually choose the career path that brings you happiness –and restores the passion – but, the salary may not be the one you hoped…

Step 5: The G+P+V Formula

But it may be that you have difficulty rationalising or defending this career change path and so you may need a scientific basis on which to base your new life and career. Many people use the G+P+V Formula, some of which we have already talked about in the previous steps.

Gifts (yours!) + Passions + Values are the three things that we all need to have present in something as important as our career in order for us to be successful and happy. If your career or job does not have these three things, then all is somewhat lost. As you search for your new career or opt for the one that you have always wanted to do, bear these three things in mind.

Step 6: Get serious

If you have made your choices and made up your mind that a career is right for you, take serious steps to looking for a way in to this particular market… and Staff Bay is one website that is perfect. Upload your profile, add your CV, include a photograph and start showing yourself to the world.

Step 7: Your career is stepping stones

A new or different career will not be something that follows a linear path, neatly laid out before you and ripe for the picking. Rather your career, is a series of stepping stones. You will negotiate from one to another; you may be presented with a choice as to where to go next.

But, knit all this together and you have a career worth having – and one that you are passionate about and happy in!

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