8 Of The Best New Business Ideas for 2015

There has been significant change in the businesses that are being started in recent years. New trends such as personalization and business trust have had a big impact on new businesses starting out. With worldwide economies improving, 2015 could be the year for you to get started with your own business idea. Many people look for new ideas for businesses which have been done before. However sometimes previous business ideas can still work great if you put your own touch on them

If you are ready to get started with your own business then take a look at some of these top business start-up ideas for 2015.

Gadget repairs

Traditionally if you wanted a gadget such as an iPhone repaired then you would have to go to Apple who would charge you a ridiculous amount to be repaired. A great business idea would be to start offering a gadget repair service. This could be done in-store or even online to reduce costs. There are always people cracking their screens and willing to pay good money to get them repaired. The parts themselves are often cheap so you will be making most of your profit from the service of carrying out the repair.

 New digital marketing

Digital marketing has been a popular business idea for many years now. however marketing digitally is changing rapidly and there are now many new methods that businesses are using to reach customers. For example video marketing and the use of images have become very popular in the last year. You could start a business offering a new digital marketing service that is unique.Being one of the only businesses in your niche to offer the service could see high added value and therefore good profit.


Writing as a business idea is not particularly new but there are always different needs for writers. With many new blogs and also websites needing content, writing will remain popular in 2015. Writing is one of them business ides that you can run from home at hours to fit around your lifestyle. Writers often start out by offering low prices for their work. After you have built up a reputation as a writer in your niche you can start to increase your price and work on more premium products.

Personalised items & services

personalization has been a growing trend both online and offline in the last year. Businesses are now focusing on offering a more personalised service for customers. personalization provides a lot of added value for businesses and means they can charge a premium for this. You could start a business in ant niche offering a more personalised service than your competitors and you are guaranteed to start seeing results.

Big data & analytics

Big data has been popular for a few years now and it is remaining popular. Big data is becoming more popular with smaller businesses who which to take advantage of it. if you know about data and analytics then you could start offering these services to small businesses. There are different aspects to data businesses that you can offer from the collection of data to performing analytics on it.

Online marketplace selling

Online marketplaces like etse and Fiverr allow you to sell products and services online without the need to manage a website. Selling on these websites has the benefit of instant traffic and a great business reputation.  If you are looking for a part-time business idea then this could work great for you. You often do not need to invest a lot to get started.

Digital products

Digital products are one of our favourite ways to make money & a great business idea. Once you have created the product you can continue to sell it time and time again. With little overhead, digital products are very profitable and also easy to distribute. Social networks and blogs are often great tools to promote your digital products. You can also offer an affiliate program to help boost sales.

Local websites

The internet allows us to connect with people all over the world. However it is also great to allow us to connect with locals. There are many new websites online offering services for locals. You could provide a local website and allow local businesses to advertise on it, charging a premium for the targeted advertising. There is also many other revenue streams that you can offer such as allowing classifieds and event listings.


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