A corporate event with a twist!

Everyone knows exactly what to expect from a corporate event… lengthy speeches and words of advice, trust exercises and team building activities, and educational information sessions are often just a few highlights of an attendee’s busy day.  From the stuffy business attire to the even more constricting formality of the meeting, the event is sure to be a long one.  As such, throughout the day, business leaders tend to find the same employees who are out of reach in the workplace to be disengaged in corporate events, limiting the success rate of the event before it has even begun.

Thankfully, England’s own Murder Mystery Events has invented a corporate event with a twist!  Perfectly credible as its own team building event or one of many exercises throughout a longer itinerary, Murder Mystery Events’ corporate events packages are the carefree immersion attendees need to separate the event from the stresses of the workplace.  With a variety of packages including several with completely customizable options, there is sure to be a show to suit any company.

While choosing the event package, a business is able so select not only the plot of the play (which can be easily written to suit any industry) but also the level of involvement which you hope attendees to play–there are options to strongly involve them in acting out the mystery, fostering their confidence, or to have attendees instead take on the task of figuring out the truth, creating an environment for collaboration and team work.  Whatever the case, the corporate events packages are sure to draw employees closer together.

Murder Mystery Events participates in their own teambuilding exercises with clients, as they take on not only the program, but the event planning aspect as well.  Having worked many events over the past few years, the company has gained a number of close connections with venues all over the country.  Whether a company imagines a luxurious, indoor event or spirited, outdoor summer fun, Murder Mystery Events has just the right connections to realise any event within the budget of the client.  Not only will they book the venue for the performance, but have been known to lend a hand to booking an entire conference, if necessary.  To make use of this resource, clients simply complete a survey regarding their desired type of venue, followed by the dates of the event and their budget.  Murder Mystery Events’ experienced staff will then consult a list of previous partners and venues to see if any would be fit for the event.

From the various services offered alongside a package, such as the help with booking a venue, to the highly customizable and interactive nature of the event, itself, it is easy to see how Murder Mystery Events has so quickly gained a 97 percent approval feedback rating.  Captivation and excitement for all attendees is just a few of the ways a company can benefit from a corporate event with a twist! A murder mystery corporate event is sure to lead employees to associate great fun with the company in addition to finding new strength in interacting as part of a team.   The entire office will be talking about it for months to come!

Invest in your workers while investing in their happiness–invest in a corporate event with a twist!  Break away from the cycle of boring corporate events, and book with Murder Mystery Events today.  Your busy schedule, your budget, and your employees will thank you.

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