A guide on Hotel Business Signage

Be Your Brand

If you run a hotel, then you need to make sure you are appealing to the right people, which means putting your brand across well. One of the best ways to do this is through your use of hotel signs and notices, which you can use to emphasise your hotel’s ethos. If you are running a hotel which is part of a large chain, then the signage will all be in keeping with the overall brand and will fit in with similar signage across the country (or maybe even internationally).

If you are running a smaller independent hotel, then take a look at what your competitors are doing to get some hotel signage ideas. For example, bold, bright colours often denote a lively place, while more muted, discreet signage is synonymous with quieter, more intimate types of accommodation.

Inform Your Guests

You will probably be surprised at the number of signs you need to display, but it is important to give your guests bite-sized snippets of important information. You may want to provide guests with Do Not Disturb signs to hang on their doors, or a sign to ask for their room to be cleaned. Certain health and safety signs need to be displayed too.

Sign Materials

Signs are made from all kinds of different materials, usually depending on where they are displayed. Obviously, outdoor signs need to withstand the elements so need to be made of a hard durable material which is easy to clean, such as glass, vinyl, Perspex or PVC, and not metals which will rust, such as iron. Indoor signs will obviously be less exposed to harsh conditions, but still need to be fairly durable (in particular those in bathrooms, which will likely get wet). Go for vinyl or laminated materials, which are long-lasting and also easy to clean.

Sign Maintenance

Different signs require different levels of maintenance. Generally, maintenance requirements should be discussed during the quoting stage of any sign installation work. Depending on where the signs are positioned, special access equipment might be required which can make on going maintenance difficult. The sign supplier should be able to recommend solutions that require little or no maintenance for example (e.g. using led’s rather that fluorescent tubes to illuminate a sign).

Noise Considerations

There may be occasions where noisy power tools such as drills are required to install the signage, your signage supplier should be able to accommodate your work processes. From a hotel point of view – it’s good to check with the sign company to ensure there is no unnecessary disruption to hotel guests and busy office areas.

Avoiding Disruption

Installing signs can be a disruption both at client premises and in public areas. There may be occasions where road closures are required during large sign installations. This can often involve planning permission or other special permissions from the local council that should considered at the outset of the project.

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