A Guide To Hosting a Corporate Event

As you can imagine, the world of business is fast-paced and unpredictable. In order for a business to be successful, its growth is absolutely necessary. Although this may require a lot of time, attention and effort – when done correctly, the business can face a significantly positive outcome. One of the key drives for a business and its success is its growth. But what factors encourage the growth of a business?

Here at iBusiness Blog, we truly believe that one of the best ways to increase a business’ growth is to hold corporate events. A corporate event is a private event held by a business, in which staff, clients and stakeholders all come together for a number of reasons. Such events are a focus on the means of evoking pride in employee’s, reinforcing the company message, helping productivity, sharing ideas, launching new products or rewarding staff. A corporate event not only pushes all entities within the business, but also increases the company’s exposure, which can create new lead generation avenues and branch out to newer audiences.

If you’ve never planned a corporate event before, it can seem pretty daunting. However, in order to make sure your event is smooth and successful, follow these tips.

Determine a theme

First and foremost, you must come up with a theme for the event. Intertwined with this theme will be your goals and objectives that will be discussed throughout the event. You must attempt to excite the audience, making sure it appeals to them by taking their lifestyle, interests and daily challenges into account. If you don’t make the event interesting to the audience then you will give them no reason to invest any time into your business. As a result of this, they will not comply and you essentially render their time wasted. These are key factors in creating a successful marketing campaign for your business that will increase interest and growth.

Partner up with other business’

You should also consider partnering up with other business’. Partnering up with non-competing business’ who possess a similar clientele can benefit both companies. The act of marketing the event to a wider audience means both business’ are engaging with more people who show an interest and have the potential to be new clients.

Great customer service

Throughout the event, you want to portray a professional and high standard appearance. In order to achieve this, you must offer outstanding customer service throughout. Whilst avoiding a pressured atmosphere, you wish to give the attendees a true feel of what your business is about, what it has to offer and why it is worthy of their time. This is not a sales-pitch, so be careful how you approach your discussion.

It is also important to offer a de-brief at the end of the event. This is a chance for people to have a discussion, exchange business details and have a general chat about the interests of the event. Exchanging questions enables more room to be educated on the topic of the event and feedback can be issued to ensure further improvement for the future.


One thing that may seem like a fairly small issue during the planning process is the venue location. With thought about the venue, comes a crucial think about logistics. It is important to ensure that the venue is suitably representative of the business. So whilst the need to find a venue that best suits the company is significant, you should recognise that there must be enough space to accommodate all of the attendees. As a result of small spaces and not enough chairs, there is the risk that guests, who are potential clients could walk out due to the unorganised and claustrophobic atmosphere. To avoid this, ensure that you have enough seating for the attendees. The use of stacking chairs is extremely handy in such an event as it enables one to maximise the space on offer, whilst having a sufficient amount of seating whenever necessary. The chairs are not only tasteful, but ensure you can provide and remove seating quickly and efficiently in a subtle, yet professional manner. These chairs offer an immediate response, which is ideal in the likes of a busy event such as this.

Indeed, planning a corporate event does not come easily, but is all the more worthwhile. Holding such events at intervals throughout the year will keep audiences interested and informed. It is a chance to express the future plans and changes in the business and to keep those who are interested at arms reach. The aim of such events is to inspire people of different entities. The chance to engage with attendees and please stakeholders is what contributes to the success and growth in the business. It is a means of getting the company’s name known and pushing their message out there. Educating others about why your business matters and how it could benefit them. It is that moment when attendees turn into clients that you realise your corporate event really contributed in the growth of your business.

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