A Messy Office Makes You Look Like A Novice

You can spend all day pouring through articles looking for business advice. There are loads of great ones on this site that tell you how to do certain things or provide essential business advice. What’s interesting is that it’s often the simple things that have the greatest impact on a business. Amongst all the complex and technical advice, sometimes, all you need is a little bit of common sense.

That’s where today’s article comes into play, as you can tell by the title, we’re talking about a messy office. Or, more specifically, how a messy office makes you look like a novice. By this, I mean that people will look at your business differently if they see your office is messy. It makes you look like an amateur that doesn’t know what they’re doing, not a professional company.

You may be shocked to know how badly your reputation can be affected by a messy office. As such, what can you do to ensure yours is never messy, and you keep your reputation intact? Here are some simple ideas that have a huge impact:

Cleared Windows

If no-one visits your office, you may think you have no need for it to be tidy. This is partly true, but what about people looking in through your windows at your workplace? For this reason, you must keep your windows and windowsills clear at all times. Make an effort to tidy them and get them looking nice. This means people will glance at your office windows and be impressed by how professional your office looks as it appears so clean and neat.

Commercial Storage

You may well have loads of supplies and items stored around your office taking up a lot of space. They clutter it up and make the whole area look untidy and unprofessional. The worst thing is, they’re not essential everyday items that you use all the time. One tip is to find some commercial storage space to keep all these items in. This can be something as simple as erecting a steel frame building on your premises and keeping everything in there. Think of it as a garden shed, but for your office! Alternatively, you can look to rent actual storage containers if this first idea isn’t feasible for you. With everything in storage, you can still access it when you need it, but you don’t have to deal with it cluttering up your office.

Cable Management

Easily the biggest cause of unsightly mess in modern offices is the presence of too many cables. They get all tangled up, and it looks awful when someone comes in and sees them on show. It looks far from professional, and you have to deal with it. Thankfully, cable management is easy. For starters, you can get desks that hide the cables from view, so that eliminates the unsightliness. Then, you can buy things to tie up your cables, keeping them neat and tidy. It’s such an easy little tip, but the impact it has on the overall appeal of your office is massive.

Don’t let your messy office damage the reputation of your business. Keep it clean, and you’ll be well-respected by everyone.

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