A Peak Inside the Startup Community

In recent years, economies the world over have struggled to stay viable.  One of the most important things for a successful economy is the presence of startup companies.  Those who are unable to find employment may turn to starting their own business.  Although the road can be a bit difficult, it can definitely be a worthwhile venture if you have the right idea.

Take Uber for example.  They helped revolutionize that taxi market by providing customers with more convenient options.  They employ independent contractors who drive their own vehicles and can set their own schedules.  This idea has transformed a startup into a multimillion dollar business with operations all over the country.

Similar to Uber are AirBnB and Tesla Motors who have made an impact on the hotel and automotive purchasing industries respectively.  Customers can simply rent a room at a more affordable price than staying in a hotel whenever they travel thanks to the services offered by AirBnB.  Tesla, despite fierce opposition from car dealerships and automotive manufacturers, has aimed to provide consumers the ability to purchase their cars without having to go through a middleman.

Although the ideas that were the basis of these businesses aren’t very common, they certainly aren’t the most unusual of the bunch.  Rent-the-Chicken is a company that specializes on providing consumers with rentable coops stocked with chickens ready to produce eggs.  Farming systems have been constructed from old shipping containers thanks to the idea behind Freight Farms.

No startup category is more popular than technology however since it touches us all. According to a study by Coupofy number of technology startups in recent years have become extremely profitable ventures.  YouTube is definitely one of the most popular, which lead to it being purchased by Google.  Instagram and Skype are two other notable mentions that started out as startups before exploding dramatically.

Although it can certainly take many years in business in order to achieve massive success, this isn’t always the case, especially recently.  Companies have quickly surpassed the multimillion dollar label and achieve billion dollar price tags.  You may have heard of some of them like Twitter, Pinterest, and Groupon.

Certain countries are known for helping its citizens bring their ideas into reality.  The United Kingdom, Chile, Finland, and Israel are some of them that help fund startups in one form or another.

Other countries aim to bring people in who have the entrepreneurial spirit.  Australia, The UK, and New Zealand are some of the few that offer people the chance to come on an entrepreneur visa.  Startup incubation programs are offered in countries such as Chile, Denmark, France, and Canada.

It seems like certain places around the world are where most entrepreneurs reside though.  Silicon Valley in California, United States is one of the most popular places for people to form a tech startup.  Toronto, Paris, and London are also popular places for startups to come into existence.

Fear is one of the reasons that many people don’t go through with their ideas to start a company.  Fear doesn’t pay.  You never know what success you can achieve until you actually try.  With all of the examples of companies that have gone on to become quite successful, there’s no reason not to give it a shot.



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