Advertise your business on your mobile phone case

If there is one thing you can be sure about these days, it is that most people carry with them a mobile phone. Whether it’s for business or for personal reasons, a mobile phone has become the ‘must-have’ gadget for all ages, which means that mobile-phone owners could be just what you need when it comes to advertising your company. Business advertising and marketing campaigns can be expensive, but if you have staff who carry a phone you could be taking advantage of some prime advertising space on their phone cases.

A phone case could be the perfect opportunity for your business to promote itself because, as with car vinyls or t-shirt embroidery, your logo will be seen by literally hundreds of people throughout the day. Just think about all the times you have your phone out in public, both in work situations such as sales meetings or networking events as well as in recreational locations when joining friends for a drink after work, for example. Each time your phone is on display, people will be able to see your company logo or specially designed advertising campaign.

Choose Your Own Design

Personalised phone cases¬†from companies such as Mr Nutcase are a relatively inexpensive way to promote your company, products or services, especially when compared to some other types of marketing campaigns these days. And it is so easy to choose and finalise your designs to ensure you get the exact business advertising you want. You can design your cases in any number of ways, perhaps using something simple such as company colours, logo and your business’s contact details. Or you can take it further and use high-quality images or art work that echoes a current campaign or promotion. What’s more, you can design a phone case for the majority of the big-name mobile phone providers, including Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and . You can also design cases for other items, such as Kindles or iPads.

Perfect Promotional Gifts

A personalised phone case makes for a practical business give-away for an exhibition stand, for employees to use with company-issued phones or gadgets and as a gift for potential clients and as a thank-you to already loyal customers. By using a case for your phone, you will be protecting your treasured mobile from both dust and dirt, as well as general damage and daily wear and tear, so your promotional gift is highly likely to be used regularly. Make sure your business stands out in a unique, yet functional way with a company-branded mobile phone case.

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