Advertising Your Rental Property Online is Easy. Follow These Do’s and Don’ts

The rules of marketing have changed to digital marketing space where millennials are making heavy marks. Previously, in the rental industry, a simple sign could get your next renter, but in 2017, landlords have turned to the use of the internet to market rental properties. To get a good success on this platform is easy if you follow the guide below.

Define the perfect match for your property

The fundamental principle of rental property advertising is targeting the right audience online. Millennials between ages 18 to 34 have been named as generation renters, so if you aim to quickly rent out your property, target the websites and social networks where they can find your properties online.

The best decision as regarding your property is to determine the right persons for your property. Create a renter persona to tailor your properties to the needs and wants of potential renters. For instance, a single-family home will be ideal for a 30-year old man with two kids but unideal for a young bachelor. Create a detailed buyer persona to ensure you only pitch your rental property to the ideal market target.

Write a catchy property description

Titles and pictures are two of the most important do’s when advertising a rental property online. Write a catchy property description that makes a good first impression. Be informative and precise about the details of the property. Where available, include the presence of a garden and a swimming pool in your headline, for instance, to push out all the best features of the property.

Use the power of social networks

Social networks provide the best outlet for property listing. For instance, you can share your property listing, upload pictures and videos on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. The property will quickly go viral and before you know it, your property is rented out. You can also leverage the power of Quora to find out what kind of properties people are searching for.

Make use of technology: Pictures and videos

Quality pictures of rental property can make the difference and appeal to the potential renter. Rental properties with quality pictures generate 139% more clicks than rental properties without pictures or poor-quality pictures. This real estate photography guide will help you shoot quality pictures that capture all the features of the property.

Apart from quality pictures, property video tour is a gold mine as people outside the property location can have a good view of the property through the video tour. Upload the video to YouTube or share the link on other social networks.

Don’t set your rent too or too low

While setting the rent for your property, watch out for the current market trends to know the right price to rent out your property. Setting the rent too high could mean a no-rent for weeks, while setting it too low may result to plenty tenant inquiries without maximising your profits.


A quick overview of these tips will get you a satisfactory tenant and ensure your property is in good hands. Enjoy the benefits of online property marketing that brings good returns.

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