Advertising Your Small Business: 3 Great Ways

When launching a new business, one of the most important things to do is to raise exposure for your business in your market and raise awareness to potential customers. Your chosen methods of advertising should be embedded into your business strategy as they will make an essential part of your customer base up. There are loads of new and creative ways to advertise your small business and in this post I am going to share three of the best ways.

Search Engine Optimisation

suprisingly, search engine optimisation has become one of the best ways in recent years to advertise a small business online. unlike with traditional advertising, SEO targets customers who are actually already looking for your products and therefore can often see dramatically better results than traditional online ads. The amount of money that you need to invest often depends on how much competition there is in your market. If there is relatively low competition then you can often take care of SEO yourself or pay a one-off fee to get your business website search engine optimised. On the other hand for competitive markets SEO can often be a lot more expensive, but the results can be increased due to the increased level of demand for your products.

Video Marketing

In the last few years the use of video marketing has grown dramatically and has now become one of the most popular and effective ways to advertise your business. There are many different ways that you can advertise your business using video, from product promotions and commercial video to viral videos that can bring you a lot of online exposure. Viral videos often get shared on social networking sites and are a great way to raise awareness. There are many companies that provide video marketing including Toast TV.

Use Social Media

A lot of small businesses do not think to use social media when looking for new ways to advertise. However social media has proven to be a cost-effective method of advertising your business online and building up a base of regular customers. There are many social networks you can use to advertise your business on but I would recommend use Facebook and Twitter. Both of these have a lot of useful features for advertising your business.

To be successful on social networks as a business it’s all about communicating with others online and giving them  a reason to follow you instead of just promoting your products all the time, which most businesses make the mistake of. If you are going to take social media seriously then it can be worth participating in a social media course to learn how to get the best results.

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