After Hours: Four Steps for Launching a Home-Based Office Cleaning Business

 Most people hate cleaning.  If you have devised an efficient way of getting the job done and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty – either figuratively or literally – you may be able to clean up by launching a home-based office cleaning business. You will likely find a ready-made client base among small business owners and even home-based entrepreneurs who would rather have someone else clean up their messes.

However, there is more to opening a home-based office cleaning business than hanging up a shingle. You must first clean up a few preliminary details, including ordering supplies, obtaining permits, securing insurance and promoting your new business to potential customers. Following these four steps will ensure that your new home cleaning business starts on the right foot.

Secure the Proper Permits

You will need to register the name of your business with the proper authorities. Some cities also require home-based businesses to obtain permits or licenses. This is especially true if you will be maintaining an inventory of supplies or receiving clients. You may also need to obtain a registration tax certificate from your state, as well as a commercial license if your state defines commercial cleaners as contractors. 

Obtain Insurance and Surety Bond Coverage

Proper insurance coverage is a must. Contact your local insurance agent to obtain business insurance against accidental damage that may be caused by your cleaning crews. In addition to carefully screening your staff, you will also need to obtain surety bond coverage for your employees to protect your cleaning business against liability for loss or theft. Finally, you should check with your state insurance board to determine if additional insurance is mandated on your vehicle.

Purchase Necessary Supplies

Of course, cleaning business can operate without obtaining the proper cleaning supplies. One convenient way to ensure that you obtain everything you need is to shop online through a supplier like the CleanItSupply website. Such websites provide a one-stop outlet for the tools and equipment you will need to get your business off the ground. You can not only purchase cleaning solutions, toilet paper, paper towels, mops and cleaning cloths, you can also purchase invoice forms, pens and other administrative supplies.

Arrange for Marketing and Promotion

Once you have arranged for all the basics for your home-based office cleaning supply company, you will be almost ready to launch your business. Creating publicity to draw potential customers will help to ensure that your business has clients. Purchase printed business cards, fliers and brochures to distribute to local small businesses that could potentially use your services. Purchas a sign for your car or truck to promote your business as you travel around town.

Take advantage of the power of the Internet to set up a website for your new company, along with online advertisement, a Facebook page and Google+ and LinkedIn profiles to reach a larger audience for little or no cost. Consider establishing a Twitter feed or a YouTube channel to promote periodic updates of special promotions as well as news events that are related to your business.

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