Are You Online Or Offline? Great Businesses Are Both!

Customers are the backbone of an organisation. Without them, the business won’t grow as there won’t be enough sales or revenue streams to stay in the black. Engaging them is essential, which is why modern companies focus their efforts online. And, there is a reason as 33% of Britons admit their smartphone is the most important device for going online. However, customers don’t spend all day surfing the Web. So, it’s imperative that you are wherever to build a brand. Marketing offline, then, becomes a major part of the process.

But, how can a business mix two seemingly separate methods? Keep reading to find out.

Try Before You Buy

Online websites have been struggling to come up with a try before you buy scheme for decades. The size, colour and style may seem perfect, yet no one knows until the item arrives. Of course, being an eCommerce website means companies have to encourage their base to take a chance. At least, they did until Warby Parker came up with an ingenious idea. Rather than take the risk, this business delivered tester frames to their customers in the post. That way, people could try offline and buy online and still do to this day.

Injection Of Colour

Offline techniques struggle not because they are old but out of fashion. Millennials are fickle and want the latest in tech, which is where the internet comes into play. But, there is nothing to say that old-school methods cannot up their game in the coolness stakes. Alpha Card is a folding business card company with a twist. Instead of a sharp, sleek design, it focuses on adding drama to its models. Straight away, their approach catches the eye of the customer or client and lets it sink in. The leaflet style is another novelty feature that grabs a person’s attention.

Bond Development

In real estate, it’s a dog eat dog world where loyalty is at an all-time low. Sadly, estate agents need trust to close a deal and it lacks at the moment. Like all great entrepreneurs, the ones in the real estate sector used online tactics to fuel offline sales. They did it, and still do it, by using chatbots. Live text is an easy way to answer questions and queries, yet it also helps to build relationships. Through a chatbot, there is no reason why an agent can’t use this bond to meet up in the “real” world. Closing face to face is simpler than online.

Online Research For Offline Sales

The retail industry has the biggest task as retailers are mainly online. It’s fine for major corporations like H&M but the little guys miss out and close down. To compete, SMBs have to use online resources that can give them the edge against Web-based companies. At Modalyst, boutiques can use the app to buy their stock at knock-off prices. By coming together, small businesses are keeping their head above water and fighting back.

Can you see the common pattern? All of the above use online and offline methods to put the customer first.

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