Automate Resource Management to Improve Productivity

Automate Resource Management to Improve Productivity

Everyone knows that automation can speed up processes and improve productivity. But it is not limited to the manufacturing sectors.

 Mention automation in the workplace and you will probably think of car factories dominated by robots, factory production lines where clever machinery creates, wraps and boxes thousands of bars of chocolate every minute, or perhaps the driverless cars and trucks that are coming ever closer to reality.

But the process of automation goes much further and deeper into an organisation, in ways that are less dramatic on the surface, but can have just as big an impact on efficiency and productivity. Here we will take a look at the latest innovations in resource management software and how they can drive your business to greater success.


Managing resources

Every business uses resources to deliver its products or services, and is looking to get the maximum in productivity and financial return. An airline invests millions in its fleet of aircraft, and every minute wasted with the planes standing on the ground equates to money lost. At the other end of the scale, a supermarket employs checkout staff, but must seek to balance the need to serve customers with minimum delay against the risk of having too many tills open and staff sitting around with nothing to do.

Within the professional services sector, resource management applies to areas including project management and documentation, recording hours worked, customer billing and internal reporting on areas such as labour utilisation.

Automating the process 

For years, managers and business owners have dedicated time, money and energy into trying to optimise their resources. The methods used have ranged from inspired guesswork to complex mathematical modelling techniques, and the topic is one that has filled the hours of many MBA students at business schools around the world.

When it comes to crunching large amounts of data and managing systems that are affected by multiple inputs, it does not take Bill Gates to work out that a modern IT system is likely to be able to do the job better and faster than a human, while also reducing costs for the business.

Benefits of automation

In its most basic form, a simple resource management tool might constitute a timesheet and perhaps a tool for reporting expenses. However, today’s IT solutions provide an easy way to combine these with broader customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning software.

The ideal solution is to utilise a single central system that encompasses every process within an organisation. This brings a host of benefits, including the following:

  • Enhanced levels of customer service
  • Reduced costs through better business efficiencies
  • A 360-degree view of all processes, providing visibility of problem areas
  • Improved financial control, meaning reduced risk

Better productivity is core to business success

In every industry, the competitive market is more crowded than ever, and this is particularly so in the professional services sector, where barriers to entry are low and there is an increasing trend towards independent experts going it alone.

More than ever, businesses need to look within to find a unique way to gain that all important competitive edge. Using the most effective tools to manage resources can make all the difference in staying one step ahead.

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